Manual de psihologie social, Editura Polirom, Ia[i, Download Download Psihologie: manual pentru clasa a xa, editura polirom, coord. adrian neculau. Psihologia socială și Noua Europă: in honorem Adrian Neculau(Book) 6 editions Psihologie: manual pentru clasa a X-a, toate filierele(Book) 2 editions. Psihologie judiciară by Nicolae Mitrofan(Book) Elemente de psihologie a cuplului by Iolanda Mitrofan(Book) Manual de psihologie sociala(Book).

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Jean Roberti, and Bertrand Vergely. The concept reached European social psychology inwhen the results of a famous inquiry about the public images of the psychoanalysis in French social contexts by Serge Moscovici were published Modern times have registered many changes from the “industrial society” to a “risk society”, from the “social logic of producing goods” to the “logic of avoiding and controlling risks” 3.

Secondly, the cloning procedure implies an asexual reproduction as it doesn’t allow the recombination of the genetic material, but only the copying of existing genetic material.

Psihologie Manual pentru clasa a X-a

Urjan Teodora marked it as to-read May 22, The internal structure of the representation of cloning according to the affective polarity. In Australia, Tranter analyzed the reflection of the biotechnologies in the media. Delachaux et Niestl, Cozma Raluca rated it it was amazing Jan 22, This may be explained by the fact that women have a negative position towards the procedures of cloning which imply creating new lives in an unnatural manner.

The results were grouped into three categories of information, describing different scenarios. Health Organization, 80 Iulia Pongrac marked it as to-read Jun 19, This affirmation is based on the fact that no matter which variable we explored, as we will see further, the three elements were always positioned in the upper left quadrant of the social representation.


Comparative analysis of newspaper articles on genetic engineering in Japan and Europe”, Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 9, Alexandra rated it liked it Oct 11, PUF,first edition in See also Claude Hiffler, “Clonarea umana”, in Bioetica si taina persoanei: Cahiers internationaux de Psychologie sociale.

A final item requested the participants to declare their agreement or disagreement towards cloning: The most important results of our study are focused around the religiosity variable. Catherine Garnier and Willem Doise, Montreal: Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

Mitrofan, Nicolae

We hypothesized that people with high levels of religiosity will show more interest for the elements of the affective-value dimension compared to the people with a lower ,anual of religiosity which will evoke more elements belonging to the informational–technical dimension. We notice that what is lost by centrality quality is recovered in quantity. We believe that the results could be the cause of equal access to media information regarding the cloning procedures.

Thus, fear, is one of the terms which appears as central for religious people. In what concerns cloning, our investigation theme, the social representation, seem like the pskhologie concept to identify the population’s diversified options.


Harmy marked wdrian as to-read Dec 18, There are several images of cloning, differently structured in relation to people’s religious convictions, biological gender, social background, and level of education. Other people experience skepticism and concern while the religious groups are strongly oriented against a continuation of the research in this field.

For that, we used the statistical software, Evoc 47which elaborates tables with double entrances according to the previously mentioned indicators. Diana marked it as to-read Jun 14, The possibilities seem unlimited and the results, published by important scientific reviews, are spectacular.

Polirom, Lovedogs added it Aug 16, Dsnvt marked it as to-read Nov 10, Amalia marked it as to-read Jul wdrian, As characteristic to the free task association techniques for data collection, we initiated a data narrowing activity by assimilating the synonyms, the flexional forms and other linguistic derivates.


Finally, a third category was labeled compromise and includes ambivalent or combined themes Towards a New Modernity. Moreover, Romanian psihologiw have a traditional lifestyle in relation to family and their purpose in society.

We were expecting for certain psiholobie emotions to appear in the upper left quadrant, but that was not the case. New Genetics and Society. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. See also Nestor Micheli Morales, “Psychological aspects of human adrain and genetic manipulation: The second argument, based on a utilitarian thesis, regards the medical and economic benefits of cloning.

Psihologie Manual pentru clasa a X-a by Adrian Neculau

Romanian people are Orthodox-Christians and have proved to have a high level of religiosity which makes them sensible to any procedure that affects life, considered a sacred gift from God. The results show no significant statistical differences: In Structures et transformations des representations sociales, edited by Christian Guimelli, American Psychologist 57, 3 Mar In Pratiques sociales et representations.

Elements like sin, God, unreligious, life together with fear and immoral, outline the negative image developed by religious people about cloning. Previous studies have identified an internal structure of social representations and have described a central core organized around the central themes of the public discourse, and a periphery, including minor themes, marginally placed in the public discourse Annual Review of Psychology.

Who’s afraid of human cloning?.