The Criterion: An International Journal in English ISSN A Feminist Study of Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters Bijender Singh . Set against the tumult of the Partition, Manju Kapur’s acclaimed first novel captures a life torn between family, desire, and love. The one thing I had wanted . Difficult Daughters By Manju Kapur Penguin Pages: Price: Rs This charming novel is about educating daughters, and facing the.

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Freedom before midnight – Society & The Arts News – Issue Date: Aug 24,

Despite her desperation to forget the professor she helplessly failed and became more entangled with him. She fails in her attempt and is locked up in a godown as a punishment Chakravorty Overall, this is a simple story, well written. Nov 25, Vidhya Nair rated it liked it Shelves: She tells the life of her mother how and where she lived. What a pity Ms. It’s somewhat harder to dislike Virmati – her life and her ambitions are always subordinated to the wants, first, of her family, and then later of her husband.

The political changes also see new roles for women beyond the confines of thier family homes. The novel is related to her life and she gets a loving and caring husband and better surroundings to live in Delhi. Jul 18, Prerna Mishra rated it really liked it. But soon it becomes apparent that the Professor is a weak man, who prefers to have a cake and eat it too, and also it is not really a partner he is looking for.

I find with this novel, the treasure isn’t so much in love as it is in the struggle to chose your own way. So her role in the family is less of a child, a sister and more of a mother.

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Choice is something many people take for granted. With a striking command of language and a natural eloquence, Kapur weaves a story at once heartbreaking and impressively thought-provoking.

Her fascination for the Professor odious man! Government College, with its Gothic spire diffiult into the sky and intense intellectual life, was their “Oxford of the East”.

Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. That the Professor eventually marries Virmati, installs her in his home alongside his furious first wife and helps her towards further studies in Lahore, is small consolation to her scandalised family. There is no provision for the gynecologist kanju their time and only midwives conduct deliveries.

Book review: Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters

In the end it was maybe his first wife who ended being the smarter one by refusing to learn to read or care for anything he tried to teach her, she stood her ground and stuck to what she thought was important, be it cooking and astrology.

In the first part of the story one sees a young girl enamoured by an older more sophisticated man. Nov 07, Eliana Nzualo rated it really liked it Shelves: Nobody has any business to live in the world and know nothing about its ways. Her most recent novel, The Immig Manju Kapur is the author daguhters four novels.

Set around the time of Partition and written with absorbing intelligence and sympathy, Difficult Daughters is the story of a woman torn between family duty, the desire for education, and illicit love. These children fight at home and the elder one commands orders on the younger siblings. This book takes us on a pre-independence round-trip of an Indian family, and reveals the traps that women fall into, the prisons they willingly enter and the cycle of life.


Virmati is the eldest daughter of an affluent Arya Samaj family which encourages education but not independent mnju for their girls. If the narrative was going to be so character focused, I would have liked more time spent ruminating on feelings, emotions, all that sappy stuff that makes events and surroundings lively or engaging or devastating.

Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters & The Immigrants | Themes & Analysis

Virmati, ever the dissenter fell in love, which itself was a taboo. The lack of any passion or rumination towards the subjects she studied was questionable. As much as I liked the beginning of the book, I found it very mmanju to cheer for a character so silly and blind, djfficult incapable of deeper consideration or caring for anything except her lover.

The way someone will value me after I have goneā€¦. She was not allowed to take proper rest.

It’s s great account on the position of women in India and the impact of the WWII on everyday life in the British colonies, specifically India. In the novel Difficult Daughters, Virmati repents on what she did. She has to do different household tasks of the home. She then becomes romantically involved with a college lecturer, and that romantic engagement paves the way to further education.

Written by the daughter, a story chiefly told from her mom’s perspective, this is an absorbing read.