Mapa del Maiz Transgénico en México Science And Technology, Infographic, Aula de el mundo/alimentos transgénicos Science And Technology, Biology. La justicia mexicana ordenó a la Sagarpa y Semarnat suspender todas las actividades de siembra de maíz transgénico en el país, así como. Aunque en México está prohibida la producción de maíz transgénico, este año el gobierno permitirá la importación de 10 millones de.

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¡No al maíz transgénico!

This pre-hearing will also discuss intellectual property and privatization processes as they relate to seeds and plant materials. See Maia 1, 2, and 3. At the same time, we must root out all alien or unknown seeds, especially if those seeds are promoted by the government and the companies.

What with the many injustices represented by these two laws, Mexican activist organizations are looking at initiating domestic and international legal challenges to have them overturned.

Mexicp por comentar en la nota. Amidst the misinformation surrounding the question of whether permits for large-scale planting of GE maize in Mexico will be approved or denied, it is important to make the links between two developments: Aggrieved parties submit cases to persons of recognized moral authority and independence who proceed to corroborate the factual nature of the grievances and confirm that the cases are well-founded.

However, with institutional silence continuing to weigh heavily around the approval or denial of the permit applications which, we stress, have now expiredthe main question the movements are pondering is: Mexico and all Mesoamerica and beyond are the centre of origin and diversification of maize.

This response is far removed from the one given trangsenico a letter to the same organizations by Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias of the Convention on Biological Diversity:.


Importarán 30 mil mdp de maíz amarillo transgénico

At best, legal action will serve as a short-term fulcrum towards broader, fiercer, and more deeply rooted resistance. Still, it is clear that such legal remedies or complaints cannot be the centrepiece of a strategy to resolve a conflict pitting the population against the corporations and the government. These new forums are helping to strengthen ties between organizations, communities, and regions. The site also contains some materials in a number of other languages: And we must defend our land, native seeds, water, knowledge, social systems, and systems of justice.

A third case considers seed-related laws and regulations. Activists marshaled a wide range of responses to GMOs and to what had seemed to be the unquestionable authority of government officials and scientists. Otra sentencia contra Monsanto.

Rechazo internacional a la siembra de maíz transgénico en México

But over the long term, people will keep up the fight for native maize. The future is unrwritten.

One planned pre-hearing concerns the transgenic contamination of native maize and the liability incurred by mexivo and governments in this regard. This is why we are demanding that the Mexican government follow the recommendation of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier de Schutter, who in urged the authorities to reestablish the moratorium on field trials and commercial cultivation of genetically modified maize and to ban its commercial cultivation in order to protect biodiversity.

Rechazo internacional a la siembra de maíz transgénico en México | Grupo ETC

The FAO repeated its response of two years ago:. Por todas estas razones: We wish to share our concern for the health, culture, and economy of our nation, which are being degraded by a development model that favors a minority, including those transnational corporations that are now conspiring to take control over one of the greatest treasures of our peoples: Pre-hearings provide an opportunity to discover the governmental bodies, corporate groups, or individuals responsible for these injustices and to discuss ways to remedy the situation.


It contends that the Mexican Seeds Act is deliberately designed, as are similar acts throughout the Americas, to criminalize native seed saving, planting, exchanging and trading. We have said it before, but it must be repeated: We will decontaminate and strengthen it until the end of time. The national and international political cost in terms of public opinion continues to rise.

None of them showed up or even formally responded to the invitation. Ultimately, the most trenchant lesson to be derived from these months of uncertainty is that people have to maintain focus on what RDM has been advocating for years: Porque tengoentendido que por estos dias hay una consulta popular que se va hacer y que esta publicada para poder firmar y decir NO al maiz transgenico.

GRAIN is a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. Hands off our maize! You can read this site in English, Spanish or French by selecting the appropriate language at the top of the page. Conabio did not attend either, even though in October it had published a report clearly stating its doubts about the merits of approving GMOs: