Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace [Pun Ngai] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As China has evolved into an . Made in China is a compelling look at the lives of these women, workers Pun Ngai conducted ethnographic work at an electronics factory in. Made in China. Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace – Pun Ngai. Tamara Jacka. Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

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The lives of the dagongmeiPun argues—with more hopefulness than her chronicle seems to warrant—foretell “new configurations of social resistance and the coming of a silent ‘social revolution’ from below” p. If you are requesting permission to photocopy material for classroom use, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at copyright.

Literature: Made in China by Pun Ngai | stitching worlds

This working class possesses an active “class-conscious” agency according to Pun, who cites workers’ poems and graffiti expressing resistance to the commodification and exploitation of their bodies. Development practitioners will find the rich empirical data, which corroborate some field reports, useful to shape policy. Jgai book is a sober reminder that the attainment of material prosperity does not necessarily translate into individual or collective well-being.

With a Shenzhen hukouor official residency, ties to local family and kinship networks, and shared ownership in the privatized company that regulates all aspects of the “socialist market economy,” the formerly peasant Shenzhen ren are now “urban citizens” and China’s new bourgeoisie.


Made in China : Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace

Paul Durrenberger, Journal of Anthropological Research. Full text PDF k Send by e-mail. Sign up for Madw Matters email updates to receive discounts, new book announcements, and more. Hong Kong University Press, In this multilayered ethnography, Pun Ngai, from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, analyzes the Chinese dagongmei”a new social body” p.

Chan, Labor Studies Journal.

For eight nvai she slept in the employee dormitories and worked on the shop floor alongside the women whose lives she chronicles. Made in China is the result of an ethnographic study carried out by the author, Pun Ngai, in — at an electronics factory in Shenzhen, China. Consequently, the dagonmei have gained the allowance to move to urban areas, albeit only for temporarily, without being granted an actual urban residence.

Marching from the Village: Development practitioners will find the rich empirical data, which corroborate some field reports, useful to shape policy. Made in China e-Duke books scholarly collection. Description As China has evolved into an industrial powerhouse over the past two decades, a new class of workers has developed: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

The authoritarian Chinese government, the production and consumption imperatives of the global capitalist market, and patriarchal Chinese culture all inflict their specific and ngak complicit violence on the female producing body, according to Pun, and all are subject to harsh judgment.

If there is work, they come; if not, they go.

The absence of predictability, security, and dignity defines in a more determining manner the condition and identity of migrant workers, as well as their modes of resistance and contestation of domination structures p. This results in the maximization of the work time and high exploitation of the women workers by the enterprises. It is good to see anthropology and anthropologists being useful. The book should be on the reading list of anyone interested in what is going on in postsocialist China, especially the life and work of women workers and rural migrants.


Yet they are still eager to leave home. This formula succeeds in explicating an individualized, complex, contradictory, and fluid worker-subject as she existed in the mids, as well as in illuminating the web of power relations that govern the dagongmei ‘s existence in contemporary urban industrial China. They are assiduous, hardworking, easily manageable, and economically productive. A multidisciplinary journal providing analysis of the latest political, economical, social and cultural trends in the Chinese world.

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Book ratings by Goodreads. The workers are dismissible, as they come and go.

Chinese Working Women Network website. The following text was written and circulated by the Shenzhen Labour Bureau in But it is a consciousness that is neither Marxist nor Maoist in its political articulation.