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For data and forecasts on current programs please visit www. or call +1 April M mm Self -Propelled Gun -. The M mm self-propelled Gun was largely deployed in NATO areas and its ammunition was commonly used throughout NATO forces. One such artillery piece is the M self-propelled howitzer. This mm artillery piece entered service in , alongside the M

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A mm field gun in the case of the M and mm howitzer in the case of the M Two cranes were used, one on either end of the barrel. It goes without saying, but the M’s crew is thus extremely vulnerable to counter-battery fire, snipers, strafing runs, and even the effects of the M’s own nuclear ammunition.

The hull was indeed quite small and light with parts from the FMC standard APCs, roadwheels, front drive sprockets, tracks, torsion bars units, but without return rollers or rear idlers.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The others follow normally on board tracked M which contains the remainder of the ammunition.

1755mm is served by a crew of thirteen people, of which five only pilot, head of tank, and three gunners are on board. Since the weapons had identical carriages, the common practice was to install those tubes that best met the current tactical needs. Two other firms also produced of M Though in an ironic twist of fate, the Soviet Union developed and fielded equivalents to both a towed and self-propelled mm gun – the mm S and mm 2S7 Pionrespectively.

The M was retired from the U. M Recovery Vehicle in action. M British Artillery Firing in exercizes. The driver sits in the aforementioned position, with the two gunners sitting atop the chassis on the left and right of the weapon mount, and two loaders sitting atop the right side of the weapon mount.


The only crew position with any protection or even cover from the elements is the driver’s station, whose 13 m170 thick RHA steel armor only enough to protect from blasts, shell splinters, m17 7. It was also first line in the operation Gazelle on the other bank of the Suez canal.

US Army M107 175mm gun at Nui Dat – Photo supplied by Mal Brand [1967]

M firing in Vietnam Israeli Romach as of today. These guns fired an HE shell weighing Romach – an Israeli variant of the M, apparently with no significant modifications. The mm T and the mm T It is still in service in some countries despite its age The M was used extensively in Vietnam to provide long range firesupport being able to fire more than 30 km and took part in numerous cross-DMZ duels with NVA guns.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. As the strength of gun steel m1007 increased, resistance to fatigue failure and cracking under high pressure decreases.

The M is operated by a crew of 13 men. The swage autofrettage process developed and implemented in the late s by contrast, is a significantly less expensive, easier, faster, and safer 1775mm that produces much more controllable results and is much better suited to high production rates.

Later on, Kevlar shields were often provided to M units for additional protection, but due to the unwieldiness of their use, these were often kept stowed on the sides of the vehicle or even left behind before deployment in the field. Self-propelled artillery of the United States Tracked self-propelled howitzers Cold War artillery of the United States mm artillery.

This piece of artillery was longer but short in early s version and without a muzzle brake.

M transports only two projectiles and their load. Notify me of new posts by email.

M self-propelled gun – Wikipedia

May 16, at If the gun was facing hostile artillery, the gun would fire and relocate where these crewmen would reload the M at the new location to avoid enemy counter-battery fire. Only 2 types 175mmm mm ammunition were developed for the M gun; the The latter was partly based with components of the M48and existed in a mm heavy artillery version. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


October 18, at 2: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The remainder of the crew rode in accompanying M tracked cargo carriers 175,m M FAASVs, some of which carried additional ammunition and supplies. Your email address will not be published. The artillery piece and servants were well protected by a turret-like superstructure but it was quite heavy, at 44 tons, but had a gasoline engine which gave reduced range and could cause possible explosion hazards. The engine and transmission are 1755mm in the front right, with the driver to its left.

The M self-propelled mm. As with most things in life, nothing comes m07 free.

This impressive range made it a valuable weapon for providing an umbrella of protection over large areas. In Vietnam, it was the only land-based US artillery piece that outranged the infamous Soviet mm M with a range of 27 kmand the M gained fame in the Siege of Khe Sanh for this feat.

It was also widely used at the end of the war by South-Vietnamese Forces and proved itself in several occasions, notably at the siege of Khe Sanh in The TE1 was subsequently standardized as the M In addition to its use in performing maintenance on the M and M, and for recovery of damaged or inoperable vehicles, this vehicle has seen wide use in a variety of engineering roles. One drawback of the M in combat was that laying the gun involves skilled minute movements of the entire vehicle.

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