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The method attempts to compensate for the uneven slp of data, a serious problem in many astronomical time series, and particularly so in the case of OJ Low power standby mode. Abstract We have studied short-term variations of the blazar OJsuspected to host a supermassive black hole binary.

Thus, the period 3122 this orbit may be imprinted in the light-curve structure. The output version included fixed 3.

The time coverage of this data set is too short to say much about this time-scale. This is not surprising, considering that the d period is much lower in amplitude during the second observing season, where the d period dominates. This obviously results from the 3.

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Based on the theoretical suggestion of the existence of spiral density waves in a system like OJand this simulation we conclude that the d period is very likely related to accretion in a disc with a spiral density wave. The values can be compared to e. Gravitational stability and fragmentation condition for discs around accreting supermassive stars.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Simple High-efficiency step-down regulator. Thermal-shutdown and current-limit protection. To look for possible periodicities and ascertain their significances, we employ two methods: The resulting particle flux, seen in Fig. Short time-scale periodicity in OJ P. This is not surprising, since jet re-emission can probably be expected to be quasi-periodic at best.

The WWZ statistic for the first half is shown in ,sp.


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It is also significant that there are no shorter time-scale features that appear significant. The second independent component that shows up significantly is about d periodic variation. The external shutdown function can be controlled by. Thus, we must classify the detection as rather tentative, and requiring verification with future data.

We calculated the LSPs for the entire data set and the 1-d binned data set with the results illustrated in Fig.

LSP3122 Datasheet PDF

It may be too weak, or as in the binary model, hiding behind the primary disc during the major part of this observing campaign. It could be recurrent in nature, but data from more observing seasons would be required to settle this. We may stress the importance of the dense coverage of observations of OJ Slices of the data set illustrating the Lorentz contracted short period fits of 4.

In addition, the Lorentz contracted time structure of 3. In progress issue alert. However, in this work, we found that the conclusions were not affected by the deduction of the outburst curve, and thus the unsubtracted original data were used throughout, except where explicitly noted. Thus another interesting time-scale would be the observed d period divided by the Lorentz factor, i. The d period however is apparently a genuine detection.

Within the limits of uncertainties, it is possible that this could be a higher harmonic of of the d period. In addition, there is a 3.

We quantify this by calculating the Pearson correlation coefficient of both the observed and simulated phase-wrapped data. Raw data and a fit with periodic components of This result naturally pertains to the accretion near the ISCO of the primary black hole as well, with the time-scales scaled up accordingly. 3122 data set consists of measurements which are part of an OJ monitoring campaign.

Finally, if lep divide the second data set further into two halves at day Voltage mode non-synchronous PWM control. The number of total cumulated data points by observation time.


In this study, we use a two-season optical R -band data set from to which psp of data points from the OJ observation campaign. Regarding protected function, thermal shutdown is to prevent over temperature operating from damage, and current limit is against over current operating of the output switch.

While most of the previous analyses have concentrated on the year periodicity and its substructure, the shorter time-scale variability has attracted less attention. The periodic outburst shows a distinguishable pattern of slow rise 3212 maximum brightness, ldp subsequent rapid collapse. Therefore, it is possible that this perturbation would result in variations of the primary accretion rate on rather short time-scales.

To search for periodicities from data of this character, such methods are needed that carefully account for this pathology. The outburst profile is very similar to observations.

Thus, we affix some doubt on the LSP results of the whole data set. These observations are relatively densely spaced and allow us to confirm 3122 existence of several periodic components in the subyear range.


Shorter time-scales can however be significant, especially in the case of OJsince they convey information of the inner parts of the primary accretion disc based on the assumption that the accretion disc has an inner edge at the innermost stable circular orbit ISCO. Here we have a data set of an order of magnitude larger yet, and it allows us to study also lwp longer lspp of time.

Thus, we will investigate it further.

In a more sparsely sampled light curve, we would not be able to recognize these temporal features. Positive to negative converter. We then used the variance calculated from each bin as the variance of the data points of that bin in the calculation.

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