Louise Mensch is the author of fifteen novels under the name Louise Bagshawe. She has been a top ten bestseller and has been published in. Book Review: Glitz by Louise Bagshawe. “The four beautiful Chambers girls are rolling in money, thanks to the trust fund set up by their. Juno, her sister Athena and their cousins, Hester and Helen, are accustomed to living the high life, thanks to a trust fund set up by their super-rich, reclusive.

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Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. It’s a quick read though and a good time-killer. And that you don’t need much money to have a ton of class, but sometimes people can have a ton of money and not much class!

It’s a race against time to unearth the truth and keep Lisa out of jail – or gunned down by the professional assassin tailing them. And since they they are all known famously as the “Chamber Girls”. I enjoyed it it’s fun.

Dec 23, Kathy Chung rated it really liked it. Frequently the girls’ outfits are compared to one another. Overall, a great read. When Clem summons his nieces to his mansion in the Seychelles to announce his engagement to Bai-Ling, the four girls instantly With competition like this, is it any wonder Alex feels so inadequate? Jun 28, Laura-marie rated it it was amazing. When Clem summons his nieces to his mansion in the Seychelles to announce his engagement to Bai-Ling, the four girls instantly know trouble’s afoot.

Meet Lucy Evans, the original tomboy. And Bai-Ling wasnt quite a predictible character as first thought, and actually felt quite sorry for her towards the end. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Diana’s combination of beauty and class has bagged her marriage to publishing mogul Ernie Foxton, and with that comes a stunning New York apartment, a designer wardrobe and a manicurist, bagsjawe and masseuse on tap. Louise has three children, bbagshawe is married to Peter. Not a Member Yet? She will be greatly missed. Diana is the famous “It girl”, people are demanding her to attend premieres, parties, openings all gllitz have her name associated with them.

Will the Chamber girls sail away through their plan successfully or will they have obstacles along the way? Their cousins are Venus, a bimbo actress trying to hit the big time and circulating as one of London’s IT girls, and her sister Diana, another trendy It girl who loves to be seen in the right places.

Louise Bagshawe

Since these girls were 16 they have never known anything else but money. Although I did enjoy this, its definately not as good as her earlier work and if you have never read any of her books before I definately don’t recommend starting with this one. Headline Review Glamour Louise Bagshawe. Apr 22, Mageela rated it really liked it. Refresh and try again. But they all have something the other could use.

But Juno’s baby sister was a tousled, tumbled mess. Venus believes she has a career as she is an actress, not a very good one, but she has had very small parts.

Glitz – Louise Bagshawe – Google Books

The beginning lags, the four Chambers ladies, named after goddess, are flat in the beginning but when they are cut off from their insanely rich and now engaged one too, they develop character. Keep me logged in on this computer. Sep 25, Helen rated it liked it.


The book is written in the third person, which is a necessity with 4 main characters in the book and giltz major character alongside these.

They are rich through their rich uncle, are very shallow, and except for the youngest do not contribute to society by actually holding a job or doing something useful. Then, all of a sudden, Uncle Clem finds himself wanting to settle down with someone who is half his loouise and she wants the Chamber girls’ trust-fund money to be stopped by the time of the big white wedding. Glitz – Louise Bagshawe Date: Trust fund princess Rebecca Lancaster already has great things. Yes, bagsnawe rich, but I don’t really need to know was designers they’re wearing all the time!

Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

Lists with This Book. Jan 25, Katherine rated it really liked it. Their Uncle Clem was completely sadistic and a total weirdo, but made for a really good bad guy.

What happens when four pampered princesses have to cope without their trust fund? Headline Review Passion Louise Bagshawe. You’ll find on you relate to. And the danger only adds to the excitement of the passion brewing between them On her 22nd birthday, her passion for writing was realised with a major publishing deal as Louise Bagshawe.

A brief period of incapacitation lead me to her books and showed me that hers are books that prove the saying “never judge a book by its cover”.