AOL Instant Messenger Service (AIM), ICQ, MMS, SMS, Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger), Yahoo! Messenger. LG CU Add to Compare Compare. SAR: RAM: Storage: Display: TFT, 65K colors, x pixels, inches. Camera: MP, x pixels. OS. The LG CU is a fine phone with fast Internet access, versatile email and a decent camera.

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Then I have to close it back, wait a bit and try again opening it in the hopes that it will load the full screen back.

LG CU – RF (Radio Frequency) Safe

With the CU, it’s all in there! Anyway, I had absolutely no problem with this phone, with the except of this stupid PTT button that is so easy to initiate.

Or, stay completely hands-free via Bluetooth. USA Legal Limit is 1. If you ever used Motorola Tools and are familiar with the simple procedure for downloading music and photos to your phone, don’t expect anything simple with this phone. The LG CU offers a simple, user-friendly design, decent call quality, ly a solid feature set that includes 3.

This new battery seem to be still holding cu155 About this product Product Information The go-anywhere, do-anything CU is the ultimate multimedia phone.


LG CU – Full phone specifications

The phone is a pretty good one. I also saw the battery life was rated well for talk and standby time. Overall, it is a great phone for those who just want a simple phone to make and receive calls, but for those who plan on personalizing it, using it for pictures, music, texting, and all that can be done with cell phones these days And I am only hoping maybe llg can either replace, or fix up the little cable that runs along the hinge and then this phone can serve me for another 7 years?

I ly had one and my daughter needed a cell phone and a MP3 player. Show More Show Less. Maybe the next version will see improvements.

LG CU515 – Black (AT&T) Cellular Phone

The tech “thinks” he might have found a way and is going to email me the instructions. It tells you what the phone CAN do, but doesn’t give stepped instructions on how to get it done. More items related to this product. Speaking of music, it has 10 preloaded ring styles. I bought this to replace an old Motorola v with battery issues. You almost can’t help but activate it when you open the phone to answer a call. It’s camera is not too good having a 1.


This started only a few months ago, but I should not complain LG CU – Offers. Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones.

Menus to scroll through ccu515 I have yet to find a way to reassign the keys because the user manual, though thick, is poorly written in giving instructions. Instantly get in touch with family, friends, and co-workers with a simple press of the PTT button. With the latest music features and the ability to share videos during a call, you and your friends will surely be amazed.

Camera Primary Camera is able to capture photographs and usually videos, The most important characteristics of a camera are the resolution measured in megapixelslens focus type fixed or automatichigher megapixel cameras are known to capture higher quality photos, but not always a good measurement of the photos quality. Most relevant reviews See all reviews.

I also have a data cable for it, but it doesn’t seem to accept downloads from my computer of MP3 music. I cu15 the LG cu I’m a cheap college student, and honestly, I wouldn’t trade this guy for any smart phone Product Key Features Storage Capacity.