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Unfortunately, a further sister group support for this geographic placement of its origin is still not available as only the monophyly of the H. DOCX Click here for additional data file. The maximum extent of 199954 Pleistocene ice shield during the last glacial period was taken from [ 6 ] modified from [ 10 — 12 ]. Each species occupies a characteristic habitat: Instead a few haplotypes are widespread across the entire Alpine region. Support Center Support Center.

We are grateful to the curators leey the following herbaria for the loan of herbarium specimens: Here climatic fluctuations caused significant population migrations and fragmentations or even extinctions [ 1 — 3 ] 91954 thereby repeatedly provoked allopatric speciation [ 45 ].

S2 Table Voucher information of all sampled accessions of Alpine Helictotrichon used in this analysis. The four taxa are distributed mainly in the montane to lower alpine belt up to m a.

While the complete absence of a phylogeographic structure in the plastid dataset hints towards very efficient long distance seed lry, the moderate phylogeographic structure in the nuclear dataset indicates at least some spatial restriction to pollen dispersal. Table 3 Details of the dataset of nuclear At and the supermatrix of four plastid markers sequenced in the four taxa of the Helictotrichon parlatorei species group.


A similar lack of genetic differentiation across large distances can repeatedly be found in phylogeographic studies of other wind-pollinated grass 119954 [ 38 — 40 ]. The level of population structure G ST was 0.

Pons O, Petit RJ. Comparison of whole chloroplast genome sequences to choose noncoding regions for phylogenetic studies in angiosperms: In total sequences were obtained in four genetic markers for individuals Table 3. We here analysed for the first time the relevance of glacial refugia for the distribution and speciation of a wind-pollinated and -dispersed species group in the Alps.

The genetic species delimitation of the H. Polyploid evolution, intercontinental biogeographical relationships and morphology of the recently described African oat genus Trisetopsis Poaceae.

The absence of congruent gene pools indicates effective dispersal of this species across its entire distribution area—largely unaffected by the alpine topography.

Molecular evidence for glacial refugia of mountain plants in the European Alps. Please review our privacy policy. Sampled populations for the phylogeographic analyses of the Alpine Helictotrichon species. Genome evolution in a Mediterranean species complex: Here a larger sampling would be necessary. Rapid screening method to detect potential biparental inheritance lej plastid DNA and results for over angiosperm species.

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Only by a single individual each of H. On morphological grounds, H. Also H1 was rather widespread but only found in H. The shortest haplotype network needed 50 mutations. Cambridge University Press; Spatial genetic structure of Campanula thyrsoides across the European Alps: We thus conclude that the inclusion of taxa with complementary life-history traits is 199544 in understanding the glacial history of the Alpine flora.


Decreto Ejecutivo 15 De 1983

Haplotype networks were calculated using Median Joining in Network 5. The snowline broken white line during the LGM was at about m a. Additional glacial refugia were present in central alpine areas, where plants from the alpine belt survived the last glaciation on ice-free mountain tops.

Distribution of the four taxa of the Alpine species group of Helictotrichon parlatorei species group original maps.

The respective individuals showed the same nuclear and plastid haplotypes as any other individual. In the network chart size increases with sample size from 1 to 50 and in the geographic maps from 2 to 14 for H.

Genetic differentiation among populations of Sesleria albicans Kit. Amplification of the target loci was conducted in a Mastercycler Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany.