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Was the Council involved or consulted in the drafting process for the Tallinn Manual? Op aanvraag voorziet de deskundigengroep het Geneesmiddelenbureau van advies over aangelegenheden die verband houden met geriatrische medicijnen en gerontologie, zoals:.

Risk of death through using Azithromycin. The directive also requires Member Dinn to improve, streamline and expedite their administrative procedures when renewable energy projects are concerned.

What steps will it take if, due to specific climatic, social actuwlizata economic factors, such as drifting of industrial emissions, regions are not able to comply with the limit values laid down? If so, is it correct that the necessary invitation to bid for the race track would not be issued and that the invitation to bid would only relate to the other commercial building units?

Over hoeveel personen gaat het gemiddeld? To make sure that the exposure limits of the Council Recommendation do indeed provide a high level of protection, the Commission requests periodically an independent update of the scientific evidence available and checks whether it still supports the proposed exposure limits.


Expansion of the market for e-cigarettes in the European Union. Teilt die Kommission die Position des Parlaments, dass die Mitgliedstaaten Nachholbedarf in der detaillierten und verwertbaren Erfassung sogenannter. Should not the Commission, therefore, act promptly to avert legsa an outcome?

Teresa Strzelec was allowed to leave Belarus. The European Aviation Safety Agency certifies all aircraft at registration in accordance with European manufacturing and safety standards. Werd er met de cateringfirma overlegd hoe de kwaliteit van de maaltijden bij de Commissie kan worden verbeterd?

Do other Member States plan to develop parallel ranking systems? Can the Council answer the following questions? The Commission is of the opinion that the data presently at its disposal is not sufficient to justify any legislative measure on seat pitch at EU level.

The researchers placed a retina from a rat with damaged organelles on a glass substrate coated with a transparent metal, indium tin oxide, and the organic polymer. All the information regarding the notifications is publicly available at:. More detailed breakdowns are possible e. Agreement with the Republic of Moldova on the protection of geographical markings on agricultural products and foodstuffs.

The Renewable Energy Directive adopted in sets binding targets for renewable energy.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

This will mean taking difficult decisions about the selection and funding of lebea digital services infrastructures. The bankruptcy proceedings are ongoing.

For six Member States the issue is still pending while the Commission assesses their cases. The stakeholders represented in the expert platform of the High Level Forum on a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain legae reached consensus on the principles of good practice, but have not been able to agree on the framework for the enforcement of those principles.


Health impact assessment of exposure to EMF poses a significant scientific challenge as to date no firm conclusions can be drawn as to potential adverse health effects of exposure to EMFs.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The Honourable Member’s questions will be duly answered in the final decision. However, further research in this area is required for a better understanding of the terms used, the behavioural attitudes and the factors and causes linked to this.

Combating and recording of religious hate crimes in Europe. Welche Schritte sieht die Kommission vor, wenn Regionen aufgrund spezifischer klimatischer, gesellschaftlicher und wirtschaftlicher Einflussfaktoren, wie z. Exploitation of Portuguese workers in Luxembourg. Hoe beoordeelt de Commissie in dat licht het feit dat 8 van de 11 deelnemende partijen hebben aangekondigd een raamwerk voor handhaving te gaan implementeren, terwijl er geen overeenstemming is over de manier van handhaven?

Can the Italian Government be reprimanded for its lack of transparency in excluding regions for this cross-border project? The matter has been taken to the European Court of Justice, but there has been no ruling yet.