Zoo City [Lauren Beukes, Justine Eyre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lauren Beukes’s Arthur C Clarke Award-winning novel set in a. Zoo City is the Arthur C Clarke Award winning novel by South African Author, Lauren Beukes. NIROXprojects put together a Zoo City-inspired exhibition at Arts on Main in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct with a bunch of amazing artists, curated by Ann.

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Every time you think it’s going to get moving and take citty somewhere, you hit another jam. But this is a little bleak, even for me. The detective work in an exotic city is satisfying. Unfortunately, since Goodreads can’t decide if the Terms of Service are the current ones, or the ones that Kara references in the “Important Announcements” thread, I’m going to have to post the rest of my review at places it won’t be deleted: But I am led to render a 3.

Cover of the British edition of Zoo City. Zinzi believes she killed her brother, therefore she carries little brother Thando everywhere with her, his soft arms around her neck, his dear weight on her back. In a form of animals. But a positive to yer animal is that ye be granted a magical power. I love the ending. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Identity is not so much a costume as it is a negotation between two entities, for part of my identity is not just what I seem to be but how others see me and interact with me.

It has all the hallmark archetypes prowling its pages: Rezension auch auf http: Show 25 25 50 All.

I enjoyed this–for the concept, for the characters, for the setting. South Africa is a very difficult country to explain which I learnt for the first time when I lived in the US during my masters.

But even that may not be the whole story. But veukes debt to her ex-drug dealers is skyrocketing, she hates being a part of the scams they give her, and this might be her ticket out of debt and into more freedom. As with typical noir heroes, Zinzi has a good heart, but is jaded and compromised from past mistakes.


Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

Diaz 15 House on the Bay. The book is riddled with language and slang from various parts of the African continent and from various cultures. Zoo City, this is where the magic is. This book is a serious novel that happens to be urban fantasy.

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes – review

At first, the premise for the zoo people sounds silly. Fortunately not even Sod and his silly Law could manage it: A sequel does not appear to be in the works but it would be very welcomed. The book starts with one of Zinzi’s clients she specializes in finding lost things being gruesomely murdered, and because the crime scene is described in such detail, and Zinzi herself is temporarily suspected of doing it, it seems like finding the murderer, or finding out why the woman was killed, is what the plot will be about.

For me, structure, balance and symmetry are important in a novel, and I really found this to be an oddly unbalanced structure. Retrieved 30 November The writing was pretty typical: This is the third novel that I’ve read of hers and all of them are quite a bit different in style, subjects, characters, and plots, save for the interesting parallels of con-games and horror.

Although this book features animals to spare, the soundtrack is a beast on its own. A wealthy, reclusive music producer contracts her to find a missing teen Afro-pop star.

REVIEWED Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

When her elderly client turns up murdered, her financial straits force her to take on a less preferred type of case, that of a missing person. Just as it seems that the plot is winding down, Zinzi stumbles on to a larger game as people try to get rid of their animals without dying themselves in a particularly gruesome and costly manner. So of course the people who have these animals are at the bottom of the social ladder and be pariahs.


The setting is present-day Johannesburg, but in this alternate reality, a couple of decades ago, something strange started happening. The book picked me up and carried me along until three-quarters of the way through, when it promptly dropped me and went off to lose its way.

The book had a strong influence on the lipstick art of Sarah Brittenwho stated on her art website:. I was all set to give it four stars. Topics Science fiction books.

No explanation of any damn thing, not just limited to exactly how Zinzi had earned her sloth. I wasn’t sure to expect when I started reading this as I had no idea what it was about and bought it simply because the cover caught my eye. I would like to end this review with this quote hi Cecily!

Zoo City – Lauren Beukes Lauren Beukes

A book set in a version of my home city with an interesting premise and great reviews! To really give myself over to fantasy, I find that I really need to understand the internal logic. Zinzi certainly isn’t your everyday hero, she’s made and continues to make a lot of mistakes, But there’s something likable about her too, something very relatable. Retrieved from ” https: Not only does this quote explain the laurwn of an almost apocalyptic world, it also plunges you into a Johannesburg where magic is alive and kicking around every corner of tainted society.

The distinction between moral and legal culpability is unclear, as is the threshold which triggers animalling; however, being responsible for the death of another human is a definite trigger. In this case it is very difficult to do as the moment I start talking about it I will give huge spoilers.