Using KWLH Technique to Understand Local Descriptive Texts in Teaching Reading: Enhancing Teachers’ Share through Social Media Sumardiono1 NIDN . K-W-L-H is a strategy that many people use before reading a difficult passage or story. In this particular strategy, you use this strategy before. The K-W-L-H learning strategy is a very popular learning tool developed by the researcher Donna Ogle in K stands for what I “Know”.

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Here are many kinds of jenang in Javanese culture.

Moving from Theory to Practice. Remember me on this computer.

KWHL chart

The additional theoretical reason of using local hechnique text is that regarding character building of Indonesian students. In this text, the object can be a concrete or abstract object. These kinds of foods are made of sticky rice ketan. A strategy comprehension and summarization.

In Tefhnique, diversity of the regions and cultures makes a good sense of literary works. Appreciation toward local culture reflects we are good citizens. It covers the way KWLH technique works and the local descriptive text is used.

It can provide students opportunities to participate. The learning process has evolved to a point where learners are sharing, exploring, and seeking information and knowledge from multiple and diverse sources.

The social context which should be related and mutual to the teaching strategy should be regarded as an important aspect to make students understand their social context. Teaching Readers of English: A Resource Book for Professional Development. The text structures include: KWLH refers to Know in background knowledge, Want to know the reading content, Learned material and other information related to the reading material, and How we learn more.


The last type is Jenang as Traditional Foods. Yet others learn to read a second, third or additional language, with or without having learned to read in their first language.

KWLH – Gallaudet University

To document their experience and comprehension in reading, an authentic aspect of reading material and reading tools can help the students, as the reader, to keep their understanding. Sulistyo states that reading is about understanding written texts. Nonetheless it is not all published as written local story, to keep indigenous local is essential to be both literary work and teaching material. Ogle that serves as a sample for active thinking during reading.

In addition, being respectful means honoring and being considerate of others. To be more specific, in Blitar, there are a lot of myths that we can explore as the teaching materials in reading.

Some other kinds of jenang include jenang grendul, dodol, jenang of apple, etc. Best Practices for Teaching Reading: Introduction to Genre Based Approach. What attributes or characteristic should we focus on? Accessing prior information on a topic or theme, identifying primary and secondary resources to access, developing a plan for accessing resources, identifying attributes and characteristics to research.


Easy familiarity and leg-pulling in one relationship can appear much too presumptuous in another. Readers typically make use of background knowledge, vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, experience with text and other strategies to help them understand written text. Even the same reader interacting with the same text at different points in her life will experience it differently because the reader herself has changed over time.

Blended Learning in the Development Context. Besides, many places, sites, geographic nature, etc provide a rich literary works. It can be about any topic. It functions to enrich them of useful knowledge, mutual relationship, technological mastery, and respectful attitude. The reading texts can be edited using spoken discourse which can kalh downloaded and listened by the members.

K-W-L-H Technique | Teaching Fun | Pinterest | Teaching, Learning and Student

What primary and secondary resources can we access? How are we going to find out? Log In Sign Up. Teaching reading curriculum is more challenging.

It is a complex activity that involves trchnique perception and thought.

Figure 1 shows the example of stimulating teachers in understanding KWLH in relation with curriculum. Evans adds that in reading, it should appear relationship of reader to writer.