Over bonsai of most species and styles are displayed at the most prestigious bonsai exhibition in the world with the longest history, the Kokufu-ten. Together with travel agency, Nippon Express, we have assembled a unique tour to the Kokufu-ten and the famous bonsai gardens of Japan. Besides this, there. First held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in with the aim of improving bonsai art and developing traditional Japanese culture, the “Kokufu Bonsai.

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Tokyo Robot Evening Cabaret Show. As vendors pay a little more for exhibit space inside the Green Club, it is typically filled with higher-quality wares. Does this place or activity accept credit cards? During his time in Japan, Bjorn’s works were featured in the Kokufu-ten, Sakufu-ten, and Taikan-ten exhibitions, among many others. There were 46 medium-size three-point exhibits which included a main bonsai, often two, and a companion planting.

Part 1 of the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition had exhibits. This is the bonsai sales area set up to accommodate bonsai shoppers visiting the Kokufu Ten. This brought a new era to the combination, appreciation and promotion of bonsai and suiseki. It must have been an ordeal to move over bonsai and display tables in elevators all the way up to the 7th floor.

Sale trees consisted of historic bonsai, previous Kokufu winners, famous trees recently restyled, and bonsai previously unknown in the community.

Nearby Attractions See all nearby attractions. Many new sections of backgrounds needed to be purchased in order to use the new venue, very expensive, as is the daily rental for the 7th floor The Kokufu show was previously housed on two basement floors of the Museum.


Bjorn Bjorholm bio excerpt from his website, http: That makes a total of more than individual bonsai specimens in Part 1. All the positions are numbered from 1 to about or whatever. The companion plants and suiseki are usually supplied by the handler of the trees, not usually the owners.

This property is closed Report incorrect address Suggest edits. Each professional artist is allocated a certain section in the show to display each of his customers’ trees.

Artists look for eye movement direction and tree species in arranging the trees. At Ameyoko which starts in front of Ueno station, the grocery stores and clothing shops are crammed alongside fishmongers.

It is very common to have one bonsai displayed in the Sakufu Ten and then have it displayed in the Kkufu Ten with different names only a month or two apart.

The storm’s affect on Kokufu Ten attendance was not reported.

Only the top trees are selected by the lokufu show judges, each of whom has a list of all the kolufu. For the second half, there were five National Prizes awarded: Setting up the show is a communal effort, so after one’s trees are unloaded and set up with a little help from friendsthe next few hours are spent helping other nurseries, for instance, complete their displays.

The artist s is not mentioned in the commemorative album see belowbut often is if a magazine writes about the history of the tree.

For the Sakufu Ten where the exhibition books are sold in December at the show, the trees are actually judged and photographed the previous October. Japanese black pine Pinus thunbergii. There were 24 Important Bonsai Masterpieces or kicho bonsai in the exhibition.

Kokufu-ten Bonsai Tour – Bjorn Bjorholm

These included large-size, 41 medium-size, and four koufu compositions with 23 individual trees. The point is to let everyone else know that you still have the skills to pay the bills. Kimura worked on 70 to mokufu trees of the show, both deciduous and evergreen specimens.


While there is a renaissance of sorts going on in Japan with smaller, more “fun” bonsai attracting young people, the prestigious Kokufu continues to present only the world’s finest “traditional” styles and sizes of potted trees. The judges selected six Kokufu prize bonsai for Part 2.

Nearby Hotels See all nearby hotels. The Japanese like okkufu see their bonsai in their natural form. Reviewed February 22, Reviewed October 12, Remember that many artists are necessary to create masterpieces. WNV heard in from a man who’s father lives about three blocks from the Green Club see below.

There were 18 Important Bonsai Masterpieces or kicho bonsai in the exhibition. The new ones are koufu with a slight texture like burlap and a bit reflective, making the entire room bright white and showing quite a difference and improvement from the past exhibitions. Approximately 28, people visited the exhibition.

During the closure, several new elevators and escalators were installed along with many massive textured concrete walls.

Kokufu-ten 2019 Bonsai Tour

Several stages are set up and each tree is brought there for photos. Five outstanding bonsai were selected tem the Kokufu Award for the second Part. Reviewed February 28, It must go through a handler who brings the tree in for judging in January and cares for the tree.

The Part 2 was held from Feb.