Hey, I am thinking of starting the campaign with Britannia, I was hoping use cavalry (knights of the realm, grail knights or pegasus knights) to. The Knights of Bretonnia are trained to fight from childhood, and even the .. These three became the first Grail Knights, and, fighting under the banner of the Lady whom provide comfort for the peasantry and guide the nobility towards their. Not a really good practical guide all things considered though. .. So then it’s all about Grail guardians to anvil with while grail knights bring the.

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CharactersGameplay BasicsWalkthroughs. My line falls pretty quick, but it seems like the cav are getting chewed through.

Bretonnia unit roster – Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

And this my friends is your game plan. Keep all of this in mind when planning your campaign strategy.

The key to victory will always be your diplomatic research. They’re poor, and they have a lot of ground to defend, late-game. Graail should have at least four units of cavalry, two on either flank operating as a team. Luke, that Christ and the Apostles sat at a circular table during the Last Supper.

Another unique mechanic to the Bretonnians is the Peasant Economy.


Fights over positioning were apparently commonplace, as recorded in near contemporary Irish tales. Make sure to have reliquaries as soon as you can and it should give you the moral bonus you need for that.

You can get especially good mileage out of them just by running a lord preferably on foot into the middle of the enemy and just peppering the blob with arrows. Then as you slowly progress replace the peasants with battle pilgrims, squires, shielded infantry. This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their leadership when nearby. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

They’ll wipe low armor armies really well and they outrange most forces. You really do want her, but keep in mind as if legendary leader you cannot disband her, so make sure your economy can afford another army before assimilating this faction! I’m going to quick plug the turn Bret speedrun AAR a buddy of mine did, just because.

Bretonnia unit roster

So really thin frontline but quite solid, it allow the reliquae to be in range of quite everyone and have efficient aoe heals. An army comp i like to do is: Well now it’s time to knighs at your new realm and fix it up. Good examples include Vamps and Tomb kings.

Providing you do these things, you win. Again pretty close to you geographically and in a good spot to launch operations against the undead. The advantages of this are as follows: Giveaways and contests must be approved beforehand by the moderation team. Its origins, however, are probably much older.


Bretonnian cavalry leadership is already so good, and that bonus only works in an AoE around the reliquary, when you should be busy flanking and chasing down skirmishers, IE, far away from the reliquary.

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Britannia King Arthur: The Round Table

The whole idea here is to stop their cav from flanking you at the least, and at best do as much damage to their force as possible before it ever reaches your front line. Sometimes questing knights too depending on how much I can squeeze out of my rabbits.

You mentioned that you don’t use farms. After the death of Emperor Aurelien, assassination of Crown Prince Basilio, and disappearance of Knight of One Christoph ChamberlainBritannia broke into a season of struggle for power, with various factions supporting various Royal lines. I still mess up on some of the other little trick controls that would undoubtedly make the game smoother and require fewer pauses and camera moves.

Glad to help then!