Since , we at Knauf have been dealing with this versatile raw material and have been continually discovering innovative and intelligent applications. On this . You are, just like us, fascinated by the raw material Gypsum and you are interested to learn more about it? Then this is the right place! Just click through and. They prove their benefits day to day particularly in the building materials industry, and have been incorporated in Knauf products for decades. Even customers.

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Flowing screed compound on a thermal anhydrite basis for manufacturing calcium sulphate flowing screed as factory-mixed dry mortar.

Mein Merkzettel Gesamten Merkzettel ansehen. When the screed is installed without joints, it is the ideal substrate for laying large format and diagonally inauf tiles or natural stone coverings.

In garages, the entrance zones where the moisture is at its greatest must be sealed. It is practically self-levelling. By selecting suitable aggregates and adequate quantities of water, calcium sulphate screed can be manufactured in different strength classes. Calcium sulphate flowing screed dries practically without deformation and is subject to very low knauuf so that no joints are required.

Karst landscapes are impressive with their widely varied vegetation and numerous morphological manifestations. Find out more about alpha gypsum Additional Gypsums Production, use, product information – all about thermal and natural anhydrite. Thus, a very significant step for air purity andetzgips taken in Germany.

Die stone Type 4 gypsum is used for high quality prosthodontics. With shorter settings in comparison with truck mixer products, these compounds ansetxgips optimum setting times.

Our K-Sentials compounds intended ansegzgips use in the truck mixer or as a factory-mixed dry mortar, are specially formulated for these applications. Its expansion is moderate in comparison to Plaster of Paris. For example, a crack can occur with heated screed during the drying phase should very cold outdoor air coming through open windows or doors come into contact with the screed at this point. Always in use K Sentials Binders for perfect results.



The tubes for the knquf heating system must be filled with water and anchored to the substrate. Both the technology for desulphurization as well as the development for the application of FGD gypsum in the building materials industry is based on our research and development work and our comprehensive know-how as well as close cooperation with the operators of power plants.

The can be used as a release and anti-caking agent, as a grinding additive and extender in the manufacture of flour, a booster to increase the sugar yield from sugar beet, as a water hardness regulator and food additive E Application Cementitious screed is mixed on the building site and pumped onto the application surface using compressed air. Good application properties and features Good, ansegzgips surface High strengths No system-related grinding of the surface required when professionally manufactured and installed Hard enough for foot traffic after 24 hours, loadable after 48 hours.


Knauf – Material Science Gypsum

As a moist, particulate flue gas gypsum also called FGD gypsumthe thermal anhydrite is directed straight into the economic cycle of the building material industry, and its uniform grain size makes it the exemplary manufacturing solution for many products. When applied as a cooled floor, ensure that condensation does not form on the floor.

Flowing screed binders Certified quality. This test involves taking a sample from the entire cross-section of the screed, then pulverising and weighing it. Calcium sulphate screed conducts heat significantly better than cementitious screed.


Fragen zu Trockenbau- und Boden-Systemen Tel.: Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material. These compounds convince with their surface features and diversity, as they are also suitable for mobile trans-mix technology. Excellent surface properties and uniform quality.

Flowing screed compound on an alpha hemihydrate basis for manufacturing calcium sulphate flowing screed with mobile mix-vehicles. The process completely expels the water of crystallisation from the FGD gypsum and the surface of the anhydrite CaSO4 that is formed is reduced by sintering to ensure a more favourable mixing water requirement.

Flowing screed compound on an alpha hemihydrate basis for anestzgips calcium sulphate flowing screed as factory-mixed dry mortar. The perimeter joints must also be implemented into the floor covering and also permit movement.

Flowing screed compound on an alpha hemihydrate basis for manufacturing calcium sulphate flowing screed for truck mixers and as factory-mixed dry mortar. Hier erfahren Sie mehr. Natural gypsum The white natural gypsum stone was formed over several geological eras. Anetzgips ancient Jericho, walls and floors were made of gypsum more than 11, years ago. For the pharmaceuticals industry we produce special gypsums for plaster casts as well as fillers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The moist room air is directed through the cooling section. On the other hand, conventional screed is subject to deformation when drying. FGD gypsum is created using the same principles as natural gypsum.