It identifies its author by the names ‘Kauṭilya’ and ‘Vishnugupta’, both names that are traditionally identified with Chanakya (c. – BC), who was a scholar. He is considered the author of the Arthashastra, meaning a texts on wealth. Historically, the Kautilya’s work carries a great significance because it is an important. The Arthashastra [Kautilya] on *FREE* Chanakya Neeti ; The Erudite Thoughts of the Great Scholar, the Economist, the Strategist. Chanakya.

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Bhandarkar believed that it was written much later during the early Christian era. Then Sadgunya six forms of non-war pressure.

Hence one who is possessed of ministerial qualifications, acquainted with all kinds of customs, smart in composition, good in legible writing, and sharp in reading shall be appointed as a writer. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is an excellent treatise on statecraft, economic policy and military strategy. Who are the “friends” that Kautilya writes of?

The Arthashastra

When a man has connection with a woman against nature, he shall be punished with the first amercement. The text was influential until the 12th century, when it disappeared.

People who are interested in political theory kautklya military strategy might be better of with other works. All Rights are reserved. Kautilya favors peace over war, because he asserts that in most situations, peace is more conducive to creation of wealth, prosperity and security of the people. When a man murders another in a quarrel, he shall be tortured to death.

Though, given the United States’ support for militant groups in nearby Afghanistan, the logic of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” doesn’t always work out so well. See 2 questions about The Arthashastra…. A better guidebook has not hit the market yet. It is, as noted elsewhere, exceedingly wide in scope. Any woman who murders her husband, preceptor, or offspring, sets fire to another’s property, poisons a man, or cuts off any of the bodily joints of another shall be torn apart by bulls, no matter chabakya or not she is big with child, or has not passed a month after giving birth to a child.


Here is a sample of how much more nuanced that simple understanding could be, with a little effort: In any case, he views the establishment of a strong army as the foremost task of the state, as all other activities are impossible without the power to back them up. It also differs from Machiavelli in its genuine concern for the welfare and kautiilya prospects of domestic citizens, where Machiavelli dismisses such issues outright and instead advises that a king merely rule through fear.

The Arthashastra by Kautilya

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, Those who cause violent death either to men or women, or those who are in the habit of often going to meet prostitutes, those who inflict unjust punishment upon others, those who spread false or contemptuous rumors, who assault or kauyilya travelers on their way, who commit house-breaking, or who steal or cause hurt to royal elephants, horses, or carriages shall be hanged. Citado en La Idea arthashadtra Justicia.

Best book that I read so far Morality does not really enter into the equation in The Arthashastraexcept in some rare instances, demonstrating that the preservation of the State is not an end in itself. This realization should lead us to wonder why Kautilya attempted such an elaborately and minutely planned kaktilya architecture — we should consider the possibility that perhaps this level of intrusion into daily life was required, at least at the planning level, precisely because real control was so impossibly difficult?


This book is just mind boggling.

It was rediscovered in by R. Journal of Business Ethics. I would recommend This work is most commonly likened to Machiavelli, although it predates ‘The Prince’ by several centuries. Whoever burns or carries away the corpses of the above offenders shall meet with similar punishment. When a person breaks the dam of a tank full of water, he shall be drowned in the very tank. When a senseless man has sexual intercourse with beasts, he shall be fined twelve panas; when he commits the same act with idols of goddesses, he shall be fined twice as much.

DuringJulius Jolly and Richard Schmidt published a new edition of the text, which was based on a Malayalam script manuscript in the Bavarian State Library. The translator Rangarajan, after an in-depth study of the Arthashastra, recompiles the verses into meaningful chaptersconstructs a flow which is agreeable to the modern mind and also does not lose the beauty of the poetry of the original.

Chronology of Hindu texts. A Shudra or an outcaste who commits adultery with a woman of low caste shall be put to death, while the woman shall have her ears and nose cut off.