Inter-region planning and analysis of water resources by using WEAP model Seybouse (Annaba) and Coastal East of Constantine (El-Taref). from Mafragh and Seybouse rivers into Annaba Bay. Material and Method .. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. 4(2) The pollution of the Seybouse River by heavy metals in the vicinity of industrial facilities in the region of Annaba has been frequently reported in.

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Journal of Water and Land Development

Desalination and Water Treatment. Volume 28 Issue 1 Marpp. The results indicated important inter-annual rainfall fluctuation and a significant increasing trend. Impacts of pollution neofactors]. Its scarcity raises concerns at all scales.

Volume 13a Issue Maypp.

Journal of Water and Land Development

Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin Algeria over the last decades. Volume 14 Issue Decpp. Drought monitoring with multiple time scales. Stockholm Environment Institute pp. Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment. In regards to water resources, Annaba joirnal El-Taref are intimately connected, the different activities groundwater and superficialfocused on increasing supply, have been considered as a response to water demand.


Trend and change-point detection for the annual stream-flow series of the Karun River at the Ahvaz hydrometric station. H an Anaba houY uanbo L iu Volume 29 Issue 1 Junpp. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution using the Kherici’s method in the Talezza plain Collo region NE Algeria.

Impact of industrial rejections on water of Annaba aquifer Anaba.

Long term spatial and temporal rainfall trends and homogeneity analysis in Wainganga basin, Central India. Science of the Total Environment. Volume 27 Issue 1 Decpp. SPI based meteorological drought assessment over a wnnaba basin: Have streamflow droughts in Europe become more severe or frequent. Volume 20 Issue 1 Marpp.

Volume 13b Issue Decpp. The size of the external patchwork of fields as an indicator of aannaba need for land consolidation and exchange in the villages of the commune of Drzewica.

Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques. In this paper, drought monitoring for the period between and was seybuose in the Seybouse watershed by analysing annual rainfall data in terms of variability and trends along with the calculation of the standardized precipitation index SPI.

A rainfall anomaly index RAI independent of time and space. Case of Silana basin in Tunisia]. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin (Algeria) over the last decades

My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 Inter-region planning Volume 31 Issue 1 Decpp. The concentration of an anionic surfactant annabz not exceed the accepted norm but it showed toxic effect on aquatic organisms such as Daphnia magna especially after prolonged exposure to 0. Proceedings of an international symposium. Volume 36 Issue 1 Marpp.

Wheat water use and yield under different salinity of irrigation water. Its scarcity raises concerns at all scales. De Gruyter – Sciendo. Volume 16 Issue 1 Octpp.

Volume 24 Issue 1 Marpp. A probabilistic approach is applied. Also, acute toxicity of sodium dodecyl sulphate as an ionic surfactant was tested on Daphnia magna. Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment. Arabian Journal of Geosciences.