The JoshStrength Method, Southlake, Texas. K likes. Expert Personal Training: In-Person / One-on-One – Online Training Contact Us to find out. The Josh Strength Method. I went to the CPU Nationals last week, I went to spectate and to get a feel of how meets are run. It seem like alot of. the joshstrength method revealed ?m=PD&cid=&pid= PM – 9 Mar 1 Retweet; Larry.

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Video will be up once i figure out the best format for youtube for my camcorder. We showed up, warmed up and were on the livestream in no time. Josh did a great job modifying the training to work around it.

If you are someone who just does this sporadically, it’s not for you. It seem like alot of the raw lifters used a high frequency training program, such as shieko.

Using the same weight for 3 weeks, bust it out for a couple sets of triples or doubles. His Ebook is good but if you have the cash I definitly advise on hiring him! It all started in August of So, obviously I went to jishstrength website.

I’m going to look for a strength coach to help with my squats since it feels like my form sucks ass.

About Josh Strength

The Josh Strength Method. We planned it out.

The program is designed for people who are committed to their goals and following the program exactly. By Josh Hyaduck in forum Workout Joshstrenggth. Video will be up after i find another video editing program.


Week 8 Joshstregnth 4 x2 x2 x3x5 90 Seconds Rest. The heaviest squat I achieved in training with the SSB was lbs two weeks before the methld I set my goals for a squat, bench, and deadlift.

This actually gave me a Class 1 total which qualified me for the Saturday meet at Boss of Bosses 2 You had to be invited or qualify with a Class 1 total, otherwise you had to lift on Sunday. It didn’t take him long to respond. Since I won’t be revealing any of the nitty joshsttrength of the program, I’ll just point out a few unique features that Josh implemented for me specifically.

Said “No thanks” and walked away. I’m sure it is subject to change 4 day split. I think I’m going to run something similar to this after my meet whether I hire josh or not. My training partner hit a nice 15lb Bench PR a gain of 30lbs in just over 4months. Posted mdthod Jay Kearney at 1: Josh Bryant is a great trainer.

Now If only my jshstrength would ptogress like my bench. I hit a bench quite slowly. I average about miles a week. Unfortunately, I had already purchased a plane ticket and paid for the entry fee for Boss of Bosses 2, so this wasn’t an option.

Very down to earth guy and extremely hoshstrength. Squats tomorrow morning, I’m going to try and get some video. Last edited by prodiboy; at I neglected my flexibility a little bit and that’s what caused this issue. I Can’t believe We’re already 11 weeks out. Let me tell you about the program and you can decide if you are a good fit.


Doubt began to creep into my mind and all I could think “Am I in over my head? Results 1 to 24 of I would lift on Saturday and he on Sunday, that way we could help each other out, give cues, get timing right with warmups and attempts. He didn’t call me crazy. If you are willing to work hard and need guidance to go to the next level, you are a perfect fit.

About JoshStrength

The Reps killed me like always. Looking Forward to the squat Workout tomorrow. That takes it toll on your body, especially the lower extremities.

As we set off, I was feeling pretty good about the programming and definitely seeing some strength gains. Josh Bryant has countless dudes putting up huge numbers.

The Josh Strength Method – Forums

Boss of Bosses 2 At weigh-ins friday morning, August 28th 24 hour weigh-insI felt like the skinny dude I joshwtrength myself as in high-school. Deadlift was a rollercoaster. We’ll get you started! I also realised I need Work on grinding sets out. I put tension on the bar and began the pull. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I weighed in at I totaled with a Squat, Bench and Deadlift at lbs.