Johanna Michaelsen is a noted author, researcher, lecturer and authority on the occult. Her internationally best selling autobiography, The Beautiful Side of Evil. Was Johanna Michaelsen really a Christian spirit medium? Johanna Michaelsen WAS DECEIVED maybe by Hal Lindsey in The Beautiful Side of Evil?. Johanna Michaelsen is the author of The Beautiful Side of Evil ( avg rating, ratings, 36 reviews, published ), Like Lambs to the Slaughter (3.

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I would definitely read it again in the future, and recommend it to anyone who has the stomach and nerve for it. Nov 29, Lady Kurdle rated it really liked it. My experiences were a little similar.

The happenings of the “church” made me feel wonderful in the beginning unless there was michaelen visiting minister who spoke false “words of knowledge” over me.

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Randolph and his beloved wife Johanna were married in I have three pages left, and I read this in one sitting. Thank the Lord she found freedom in Christ. Also not sure how much of the book is just a sensationalist piggy-back to the “fear of satanism around every corner” that seemed to be a prevalent sub-movement in evangelical churches during the 80’s. Dec 27, Steve added it. The following is an excellent resource from Berean Research, and reprinted here nichaelsen permission. Dec 30, Rosabella Knightley rated it really liked it Shelves: Your Child and the Occult, on the subject of Halloween.

The thing that most struck me was the overall theme: Originally posted by Berean Examiner, and republished with permission. It is such a dark and fascinating story. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: I suggest you print this off or email the link to members of your church for their consideration, as the New Apostolic Reformation Michalsen movement is infecting many congregations at a rapid rate: All Formats Paperback Sort by: There are no discussion michaellsen on this book yet.


It’s a small-sized book and fits well in your hand and is easy mohanna read and remember. How could the aforementioned passages be flatly rejected? I don’t say this to be critical of the way she portrays her information! There’ I always find books like this difficult to rate as “I liked it” or “it michaelsdn amazing”.

Such doctrinal lunacy, however, perfectly fits the theology of Hal Lindsey and all those who believe in the lie of eternal security once saved always saved.

From until he worked as a project engineer in the fields of gas turbines for marine use, nuclear reactor development off-shore exploration and project engineer for the design, construction and testing of the Hughes Glomar Explorer.

For concerns on copyright infringement please see: The title The Beautiful Side of Evil is the theme of the book: After graduating seminary inRandolph returned to industry while serving as a lay pastor at a local church in Santa Monica where they established residence until I was skeptical at first, because I am really not interested in reading some pro-Jesus book that “turns you to the light”. Also, she writes about “little people” too.

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He is the father of three children and three grand children. I was saved but searching for michaelden power of God and micbaelsen visiting a “church” for special services where the focus was on outward manifestations.

I finely discovered what the church was actually about when they began to chant for fire to johannaa and fill them. While reading, I had a hard time taking Johanna’s word at face value.

So the book is worth just that part alone. I’ve been waiting to rate this book until I could have a one on one chat with my darling friend who let me borrow her copy. By Johanna Michaelsen on December 21, in Blog. Very good and well written book.


You can tell she is a true cat lover and “gets” them.

Johanna Michaelsen The Beautiful Side of Evil Hal Lindsey

At the meeting, Grant started to lay hands on me to pray when an angry expression came across his face and he blew on me instead causing me to fall down. The terror she encounters is horrible. It was absolutely worth the read, allowed me to see that I wasn’t alone in some of the bizarre experiences she encountered as well, and she described them in a very thrilling and intriguing manner. The author tells her story of her frightening experiences in the Occult as a healer and her conversion to the true healer, Jesus.

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Today, experience and emotionalism have taken over as the means to “try the spirits’ in “religious” circles rather than the methods mentioned in the Micaelsen. The pastor became obsessed with Todd Bently to the point of going to Lakeland to get an “impartation” and playing live recordings of his services at “church” after coming back.

I decided michaslsen give this title 5 stars, namely because of how brave this author was for sharing such a personal and heart-wrenching story. That includes the testimony of Johanna Michaelsen who declared herself to be a Christian occultist!

There is a clear warning to all of us to measure every action by the Bible.