Jill Bolte Taylor is an American neuroanatomist, author, and inspirational public speaker. Bolte Taylor began to study about. My Stroke of Insight () is a non-fiction book by American author Jill Bolte Taylor. In it, she tells of her experience in of having a stroke in her left. The astonishing New York Times bestseller that chronicles how a brain scientist’s own stroke led to enlightenment On December 10, , Jill Bolte Taylor.

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And I’m jamming away on this thing, and I’m realizing that my hands look like primitive claws grasping onto the bar. I give my story-teller full permission to whine rampantly between My Stroke of Insight is available in over 30 languages.

Bilte it was the kind of caustic pain that you get when you bite into ice cream.

You muscles, you relax. And rea The author, an accomplished neuroanatomist, suffers a massive CVA at the age of Also, I really did approach this expecting to really, really like it, so this one can’t be blamed on a negative attitude. Her training is in the postmortem investigation of the human brain as it relates to schizophrenia and the severe mental illnesses.

You muscles, you’ve got to contract. But it was beautiful there. This book had quite an interesting effect as soon as it entered the house. My Stroke of Insight is her account of what happened that day, her subsequent 8-year recovery, and how these events changed her life for the better. And as a sister and later, as a scientist, I wanted to understand, why is it that I can take my dreams, I can connect them to my reality, and I can make my dreams come true?


Jill Bolte Taylor | Speaker | TED

Four stars for the accessible explanations of brain function and warning signs of stroke. That kind of thing drives me insane and yes, I DO realize that I’m allowing myself to be driven insane because they try to make it sound easy, and it’s not. With the section of her brain that controls physical boundaries offline, she felt fluid, open, and one with everything around her. Taylor was a successful year-old od who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke as a result of a congenital condition called arteriovenous malformation AVM.

And I’m asking myself, “What is wrong with me? This memoir is a personal and scientific account of how our brains function, how we can help improve that function just by being aware of the neurocircuitry and physiological effects of how we think.

Jill Bolte Taylor

Apr 08, Elyse Walters rated it it was amazing. And our left hemisphere thinks in language. For Taylor, her stroke was a blessing and a revelation. Watching her TED talk might be as good as reading the book.

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey

So this is a real human brain. Taylor’s experience while her stroke was happening was insiht an intense and one of the powerful sections i have read in a long time. Ok, here’s the thing. But then I would drift back out into La La Land, and not remember when I came back if I’d already dialed those numbers.

And right here, right now, we are brothers and sisters on this planet, taylkr to make the world a better place. I’ve got to call work. She explains that her damaged left hemisphere gave her right hemisphere a chance to flourish, and thus taught her the value of her right hemisphere. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and sometimes, they make us year old geniuses.


My Stroke of Insight – Wikipedia

And as soon as my left hemisphere says to me “I am,” I become separate. It’s an interesting account, but I feel that there is a insignt more to the story.

So we were essentially mapping the microcircuitry of the brain: There is some useful information in this section for those involved in stroke victim care.

It instead became so overused that it practically triggered my gag reflex by the end of the book. Instead she gave choices And then I realized what a tremendous gift this experience could be, what bplte stroke of insight this could be to how we live our lives.

And in the course of four hours, I watched my brain completely deteriorate in its ability to process all information. What particularly bothered me in this instance was that only after the author suffered tremendous brain trauma was she able to “step to the right [side of her brain: