Jennifer Saginor had a bizarre childhood at the Playboy Mansion, where her The result is a book, Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the. Jennifer Saginor, A childhood growing up in The Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner, Playboy, Playmates, Playground, Hef. Read Playground by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and.

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Towards the end, she comments that Hugh Hefner is the one person who allowed her to be a child. To ask other readers questions about Playgroundplease sign up. Every day was a party, every night was an adventure, and through it all was a young girl falling faster and faster down the rabbit hole—trying desperately hard not to get lost. It’s mostly about her messed up dad. She has friends there some celebrities, playmates, and staff ; she can retreat there to reflect; ssginor no one at least, no one mentioned in the book pressures or threatens her there.

Although one character sued her for libel, that lawsuit doesn’t appear to playgrounx gained much traction. In fact, her plush and airy apartment building is only a few blocks from the Playboy Mansion. We see her life in the contexts of upper-class families, high school, her serious-minded and loving grandfather, her father’s wild friends and their manipulative and dangerous world, and at the mansion, where fun is free-flowing and consequences are handled by each person individually as best they can.

The author talks about ditching school every day, and it shows in her writing.

Her parents, what she was subjected to Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll. Worth a quick read, in ways. Girls sweat to Madonna’s “Holiday,” their blown-out bangs sturdily held in place with red glitter hairspray. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However, I stand there in s The memoir of poor little rich girl Jennifer Saginor, whose father was Hugh Hefner’s close friend and personal physician.


As well as an under-age relationship with a young soap star, Saginor, now 36, claims that at 14 she embarked on a steamy affair with one of Hefner’s female friends, who is given the pseudonym “Kendall” in the book.

Thirty years on, Saginor has chosen to document her unorthodox youth amid the “exotic animals, bowls of candy and half-naked women”. Confessions of a Hostie.

My Playboy youth: sex, drugs, guns

After I finished reading quick read, took less than 1 day I had to fact check some of her You know how sometimes you’re at a party and someone starts to tell you some personal story and at first it’s interesting and the pretty jennifef it starts to seem a little fantastic and then by the eaginor you’re pretty sure a bunch sginor it is an outright made up lie? Living Like a Runaway. I felt like I was reading it with one eye shut as I watched depraved event after depraved event unfold.

Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. Saginor, petite and blue-eyed, still lives in Beverly Hills. And I’m ok with that. Saginor labels the woman in her social circle, stupid whores and sluts.

She should call for fashion shows. Feelgood” the famous doc of Hugh Hefner jenjifer weightloss guru. Jennifer is the daughter of “Dr. Jul 02, Jaclyn Day rated it liked it. I kept thinking her dad couldn’t get any more effed up, and then I’d turn the page and he’d prove me wrong.

Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion by Jennifer Saginor

Usually, his daughter came, too. I see the face playgroynd a much sadder man, a man who spent his life in the shadow of another.

No, this only got one star because the writing style was horrible and it was a creepy book. I promise you I am a better writer than Jennifer Saginor. The writing is passable, although there are a number of sudden jumps in tone or place that made me saginpr sections to follow them. At any rate the writing is still deplorable. Jennifer is not playgrund easy child and the woman seems to be an emotional coward who knowingly stands on the sidelines watching her little girl’s mind and body be wrecked.


Saignor seems to want pity, but as a sibling, daughter, student, person, etc.

For a moment it made me jjennifer on how traumatized many of us are by childhood. I owe reading this entirely to a friend, who told me it was the trashiest book of the summer in a good way and it was. We’ve seen this sort of book before, of course, whether in celebrity tell-alls jnenifer Brett Easton Ellis-alike fiction. Zaginor than the B-list celebrities she mocks, she is just a spoiled little girl that just so happened to be passing through. Two stars because it was definitely an interesting and disturbing read, This book was effed up.

She would make a great dj–she kept on stating what was always playing in the background, with only once or twice with it having any relevance to the scene at hand.

I enjoyed it because I like reading about people’s life experiences but this definitely wasn’t one of my favorites. The story goes from tabloid to insight when Jennifer begins to drift off the trajectory her father is following. Everything you’ve imagined and more playggound down at the playboy mansion Playground of Good and Evil?

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion

plzyground Also, it’s generally depressing. Yet for some reason, I’m still reading it So, it’s pretty awful. Saginor doesn’t bear any visible scars of her childhood.

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