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Accordingly, the reader is cautioned to verify that data sheets are current before placing orders. A unity gain, differential amplifier is available for remote voltage sensing.

There is another consideration in order to achieve better time constant match mentioned above. This resistor is used to tie the outputs of all channels together and thus create a summed average of the local CORE voltage output. Overcurrent protection is related to the voltage droop which is determined by the load line requirement. Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning is a smart voltage regulation technology, which effectively reduces power dissipation in Intel Pentium processors.

If the output voltage is less than the VID set value by mV or more, a fault will latch after 1ms in that condition.

(PDF) ISL6260 Datasheet download

Combining these requirements gives: There are two levels of overvoltage protection with different response. Do not connect any other components to this pin. The second level of overvoltage protection behaves differently. These resistors are used to sense the DC voltage drop across each inductor. RS is determined through an understanding of both the DC and transient load currents. If the system is not compensated correctly, the output voltage could sag excessively upon load application and potentially create a system failure.


When this voltage is summed with the other channels DC voltages, the total DC load current can be derived. To see whether the NTC has compensated the temperature change of the DCR, the user can apply full load current and wait for the thermal steady state and see how much the output voltage will deviate from the initial voltage reading.

The maximum Roc is 30k.


ISEN3 Individual current sensing for channel 3. Limits established by characterization and are not production tested. When asserted low, indicates a reduced load-current condition.

An estimate of the value of the resistor is as shown in Equation This allows the RC filter capacitor to discharge when the CPU is at low current, thus providing correct average power information on the capacitor. The output is a 3. In the case the PC board trace resistance from the inductor to the microprocessor are not the same on all three phases, the current will not be balanced. Excellent Dynamic Current Balance between Channels? The required resistance can be calculated by: The Rfset resistor that sets up the switching frequency of the 21 FN When using inductor DCR current sensing, a single NTC element is used to compensate the positive temperature coefficient of the copper winding thus sustaining the load-line accuracy with reduced cost.


Also, the SOFT pin is the input to the error amplifier and is, therefore, the commanded system voltage.

ISL datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

This is presented in Figure Current sensing can be done using either DCR sensing or. A high level logic signal on this pin enables the regulator.

The voltage on NTC pin is higher than threshold voltage of 1. Between active and sleep mode transition, high logic level on this pin datasheer slow C4 entry and exit; low logic level on this pin programs large charging or discharging soft pin current, and therefore fast output voltage transition slew rate.

Connect to microprocessor die. The IBAL circuit will adjust the channel pulse-widths up or down relative to the other channels to datashest the voltages presented to the ISEN pins to be equal.

Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

Power Monitor The power monitor signal is an analog output. See Tech Brief TB for details. Unlike conventional hysteretic converters, the ISLC has an error amplifier that allows the controller to maintain a 0. The output voltage of the PMON pin is given by: Regular external resistor may ksl6260 to be in series with NTC resistors to meet the threshold voltage values.

First we calculate the equivalent NTC network resistance, Rn.