As Irving Chernev observes in the Introduction, “Who will doubt the tremendous power exerted by a Rook posted on the seventh Búsqueda avanzada de libros. Ajedrez lógico: jugada a jugada. Front Cover. Irving Chernev. Diana AJEDREZ LÓGICO. Jugada a jugada (Libro+CD ROM) · Irving Chernev Limited preview -. Coleccionismo Deportivo – Libros de Ajedrez: Ajedrez lógico jugada a jugada. irving chernev. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros de Ajedrez en todocoleccion.

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Courier Corporation30 abr. Basic tactics in openings you do not currently play but, may be inspired to take up.

Irving Chernev

Readers will find their techniques improving with each lesson as Irving Chernev dissects winning strategies, comments on alternate tactics, and marvels at the finesse of winning play, noting at the end of fhernev Introduction: Since the book is a Chernev, and it’s old, it’s written in descriptive notation. The answer is, aside from beta openings from GMs: The draw was properly the better result. His books are not read for the deep analysis but rather for the unusual games chernnev chess positions, the curious facts and the amusing stories which have become part of chess lore that every chess player in the world now knows even those who have not read his books.

They are much easier to understand than modern grandmaster games. Command of the Board. Move index allows you to look up games based on the first moves. This book, of course, is a book on twelve grandmasters and 9 games of theirs each, respectively.


The operation is the coordination of many different armed forces. I saw that I could force trade my rook pair for his queen and pawn. Playing through moves i. Winning Chess Traps is a thorough ilbros practical book, a classic that belongs in any basic chess library. Overall, it’s hard to improve. By the way, there is an excellent description of Opposition in Jeremy Silman’s book “How To Reassess Your Chess” However, even with these faults, this is still one of the best endgame books available.

Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. Prime Now Cyernev en 1 hora En miles de productos.

Todos irvign derechos reservados. The author describes the techniques employed in the most important and typical endgame situations, presenting more than positions that clearly describe how a good player will solve the problems encountered in each one of them. To the chessplayer, composed endings are an inexhaustible source of entertainment-and this book contains of the most beautiful, most brilliant endings ever composed.

I felt that they were only compositions for entering contests; not having any pratical sense. Some old re-prints are way too light. This book is somewhat dated – it uses non-algebraic notation which isn’t too hard to learn: Nota de la solapa of players, weak or strong, need the vital information in this book to avoid pitfalls or to catch the unwary napping. Occasionaly a term is used without explaination. Pin Variation Sicilian Defence chsrnev. A Play through the games.

Look at the publication date. The mistake a lot of people make with books is expecting to much. Overall, it’s hard to improve. At our local chess chernve the Masters give lectures on Thursday nights. Gana dinero con nosotros. Basic librps in openings you do not currently play but, may be inspired to take up.


Each game offers a classic example irivng a fundamental problem and its irvinh resolution, described and diagrammed in the clearest possible manner Chernev and readers have very good reasons to like his arrangement. This is a truly fun book.

Alphabetical index lists openings and a fair number of variations. Each of the traps discussed in this collection — introductory explanation, opening moves, diagram of position when trap is sprung, concluding moves to checkmate or win material — is complete in itself.

Aggressive Strategies and Inside Moves from the U. I was slightly disappointed that very little theory was discussed other than minor comments on some of the moves.

Mating patterns in the early stage of a game.

Practical Chess Endings: : Irving Chernev: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

So I remain unconvinced that newer books would irrving do a better job of teaching this subject. So if you already have several collections, you probably do not need this book. Each of the traps is contained on a single page, with one diagram. I could look up the theme when I need to; or when I know my opponents prefer some specific pieces I can watch out for those tactics and use some tactics when I have those pieces.