18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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Pub-lication shall not be required of a Boards resolution, order,directive or circular which is internal, ea andnot affecting the public, and not penal or disciplinary innature.

RA 7920 and IRR

Irr of Ra Documents. Supervision of erection, installation, testing andcommissioning of power plans, substation, trans-mission lines, industrial plans and others;4. Engineering science and allied subject, such as: This section, however, shall not apply to any installa-tion has a connected load of fifty kilovolt-amperes 50 Kva or less and employs voltages of not more than two hundredfifty volts V and for installations which are designedto be automatic and do not require resident personnel fortheir safe operation: If thedisciplinary action idr under Section 28, Art.

Ra and Irr Word Format Documents. In the enforcement, implementation, and administration ofthe provisions of R. The examination question on the foregoing sub-ject shall cover only basic theories and principles, andshall exclude question based on experience and tradepractices.

The practice of electrical engineering is a pro-fessional service admission to which is based on individualor personal qualifications.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

To qualified applicants for examination, notice of ad-mission shall be issued not later than ten 10 days prior tothe first day of examination. Grounds for Disciplinary Action. Forany dealing, transaction, or business with the Commis-sioner, the Chairman of the Board shall be the spokesman,representative or liaison of the Rz.

However, for capaci-ties up to five hundred kilo-volt-amperes Kva andemploying voltages of up to six hundred volts V one 1 registered master electrician;b. If disapproved, the Board shall advise the appli-cant citing the reasons therefore.

The Board may call the vouching PEE for an interview in connection with the affidavit executed in favor of the idr. Ra Amla and Its Irr Documents. However, persons properly qualified and licensed asprofessional electrical engineers may, among themselves,form a partnership association and collectively render elec-trical engineering service. ta

If the applicant was conditioned in any of the sub-jects or has completely failed the PEE exams under RA, he may apply for the same PEE grade under RA without undergoing any written examination pro-vided he complies with the requirements outlined un-der Rule 14 of the herein Rules.


It shall be vested with the func-tions, duties and responsibilities to implement the guide-lines and shall have the juridical personality that is distinctand separate from and independent of the Board, the Com-mission, the integrated and accredited electrical engineer-ing association, and other associations of the electrical en-gineering professions. In the event of refusal to issue certificatesfor any reason, the Board shall give the applicant a writtenstatement setting forth the reasons for such action, whichstatement shall be incorporated in the records of the Board.

The owner, man-ager or the person in charge of irr electric plant, industrialplant or factory, commercial establishment, institutionalbuilding, watercraft, or electric locomotive shall post orcause to be posted in a conspicuous place within such ire establishment the certificate of registration of the engi-neers or electricians employed in such plant or establish-ment, in a frame protected by transparent glass or equiva-lent.

Any official action of the Board other than a decision, resolution or order issued in an administrative case shall be valid, enforceable, and effective only after it shall have been approved by the Commission and published in the Official Gazette or newspaper of general circulation.

Requirements for Examination as a Registered Electrical Engineer – An applicant for the examination as Registered Electrical Engineer shall submit the following:. Commissioner – the Chairman of the Professional Regulation Commission d. Watercrafts or electric locomotives with installed gen-erating capacity up to the maximum size and voltageavailable for these units – one 1 professional electri-cal engineer or one registered electrical engineer.

Every professional electrical engineer, regis-tered electrical engineer and registered master electricianupon registration with the Board as such, shall ipso facto,become a member of the integrated national organization. An applicant for Registration as Pro-fessional Electrical Engineer, shall submit the followingdocuments: Enforceability of the Boards Decision. The com-missioner shall be the executive offer of the Board and shallconduct the examination given by the Board and shall des-ignate any subordinate officer of the Commission to act assecretary and custodian of all records including all exami-nation papers and minutes of the deliberation of the Board.

The subjects to be taken shall be de-scribed in the corresponding syllabi prescribed by theBoard. Examination forthe practice of electrical engineering in ta Philippinesshould be given twice a year in the City of Manila and otherplaces on dates 7290 the Board may recommend for deter-mination of scheduling. Commissioner the Chairman of the Professional Regu-lation Commissiond. The respondent shall have the right 7290 a speedy andpublic hearing and to confront and cross-examine witnessesagainst him.


Practice Not Allowed for Firms and Corpo-rations. FOREWORDEthics is a set of moral principles or values to governthe conduct of an individual belonging to a group or pro-fession on the basis of honesty, fairness, and justice.

Implementing Rules and Regulations

Terms of Office of Board Members. Unless otherwise pro-vided, the following shall be understood to mean: Use, or attempt to use as his own, certificate of regis-tration, professional license or the seal of another;c. Whenever 7290 finds anEngineer violating the rules of unethical or unprofessionalpractices, he should not hesitate to bring the matter to theproper forum for disciplinary or for other appropriate action.

Certificates ofspecialty shall be issued by the 7902, subject to the ap-proval of the Commission, to professional electrical engi-neers who have been screened and recommended by theintegrated and accredited electrical engineering associa-tion.

An Electrical Engineer should present clearlythe known possible consequences or limitations of the workfor which he will be responsible.

Transcript of Records with name of the course, date of graduation and S.

The applicant shall pass a written examination onthe different subjects or group of subjects as follows;1. Calculations for resistance, cur-rent, voltage and power for direct current andalternating current circuits. Reexamination of Failed Subjects. Ga a prerequisitefor registration as professional electrical engineer, regis-tered electrical engineer, and registered master electrician,the applicant registered shall comply with the followingrequirements.

He is a holder of the degree of Bachelor of Science inElectrical Engineering BSEE from a university, school,college, academy or institute duly constituted, recognizedand accredited by the 720 government. Has completed a four-year high school educationor its equivalent and, in addition, has a subsequentspecific record of at least five 5 years of appren-ticeship in electric wiring, installation, operationand maintenance of utilization devices andequipment.

Requirements for Examination irrr a RegisteredMaster Electrician. Created about 5 years ago.

However, forconnected loads up to five hundred kilovolt-amperes Kva and employing voltages up to six hundredvolts V – one 1 registered 790 electrician;c. Appropriate sanction shall be imposed by the Commission for violation of this rule.

Fa, furthermore, That they shallreceive other benefits that may be provided for by law. Continuing Professional Education Pro-gram. A registered master electricians field of practice in-cludes the installation, wiring, operation, maintenanceand repair of electrical machinery, equipment and de-vices, in residential, commercial, institutional, commer-cial and industrial buildings, in power plants, substa-tions, watercrafts,electric locomotives, and the like: