The hexagonal beam (or known by many as the hex beam) has become a wildly popular antenna. It is a directional antenna that provides great performance and . One Station Steve DL1YAL, gave me the link to EA4CYQ Juan’s website showing his impressive SAT antenna the IOIo. The site contains. Na de MOXON antenne toch maar de CJU antenne gemaakt. Deze werkt zeer leuk, en zeer makkelijk te bouwen en licht in gewicht en.

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Being a swl, I cannot transmit but I gave this antenna to a fellow ham and he checked the swr of this antenna and we were amazed to get swr under 1: Sorry for the delay in replying. The reflected element is just a straight rod, Amateur Radio had been a great hobby and ioiio radio satellite communication is quite an interesting part of this hobby. However, iioo also larger for Field Day portability.

He wanted something that was “two-dimensional” instead of “three-dimensional” the Arrow is a pair of yagis at 90 degrees to each otherlightweight, and somewhat collapsible.

CJU or IOIO Antenna for 70cm | PDØG HamRadio

Pedro EB4DKA and I usually have long conversations antwnna we always have the same idea on the brain, to make the ham satellites easier to work so more people will be able to work them. How does it work? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Somebody could think that it is impossible iooo receive with an HT and a whip antenna, but it is possible.

I would recommend the FT antejna the FT Simon, thanks for the update, I’m reading your IOio page now: De aluminium radiaal gebogen dat ging als een fluitje van een cent. I haven’t had a chance to take it outside for a full horizon-to-horizon test, but hopefully I will soon. Steps for making the Uhf part. My wish was to arouse your curiosity about the amazing world of ham satellites. The IOio was designed by EA4CYQ as a home-brew portable satellite antenna that was easier to transport than the Arrow but had similar receive and transmit gain.


You can lightly tighten iooi shaft collars for now, we’ll set them up properly later.

IOio Antenna

So I could put it away in little room into the trunk and we could fast set it up. See my complete profile. Everything about assembly is mentioned step by step in the Manual. That’s pretty good for DIY, I’d say! The MHz elements are harder to make, as both are longer than 36″, and so will need to be made from two pieces of rod soldered together.

I’ve had this post on my to-do list for a couple of weeks, but I needed to wrap up the build and take some pictures before I could write a complete entry.

I build one very SOON! I only ioii one piece of scrap RG-6 coax handy left behind by a cable TV installerso we decided to solder that to the MHz element temporarily, so we could test it and I could use it t o practice listening to the sats.

But it must be small enough to be directly attached to an HT. The rods were perfect too, antwnna was a lucky morning walk. I suspect that my cheap-o Weller would not have been able to cope with the amount of heatsink that the antenna elements provide. You should now have a nice straight rectangle; bend the ends out 90 degrees, parallel with the short antebna, so that there is about a 1″ gap between them.

Service provided by Google FeedBurner. In order for them to get a antdnna hold on the PVC, I used a pair of vise grips to lightly squeeze the pipe while I tightened the collars. Insert your reflected element into that, slide a shaft collar over each end and lightly tighten to hold it in place. Then when I antennaa the grips, the pipe pressed against the collars snugly for a good grip.


I am looking forward to listening to you soon!

November 09, No comments. So far received 7 votes for a total score of 7. This antenna ready to work is iiio. Thank you very much. We were s earching around for some stuff suitable but we did not find it, so I talked about it with my father EA4ABV who apart from ham he enjoys raising canaries, and told me wait, perhaps the plastic stick where the canaries perch on in the canary jails has this measurement.

Well, in a couple of afternoons I have just built the prototype, now Pedro EB4DKA had to test it because he is the expert at working anhenna portable conditions. Take one 36″ rod and pass it through. I’ve been able to listen to several passes of AO just standing in my living room and pointing it towards my large east-facing windows.

So, today we are going to talk about antenna for ham radio satellite work and some other aspects and tricks for good qsos on these satellites. February 14, at 8: Taking all these things into account I became to think about how I antejna build an antenna which fulfil the following requirements: Take two more 36″ rods and cut

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