Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Feltrinelli, – Psychology – pages. Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Euroclub, – pages. Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Feltrinelli, – pages.

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Generations of brun and grandparents told these stories to their kids, a long time before Sigmund Freud related everything people do to sexual related dreams.

The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales by Bruno Bettelheim

And that is why love is quite rare, if not, in fact, depressingly rare. You should read to a child what they love and expose them to many different types of literature. Here, check this out: And therefore, and for me personally, Bruno Bettelheim is absolutely and no longer in any manner an individual I can even remotely academically respect especially since it has also been revealed that Bettelheim was often both physically and verbally abusive to the students he was teaching at his Orthogenic Schooland The Uses of Enchantment will and can from now on only ever be considered a one star book for me, and one to only consider as at best rather majorly problematic and as an example of how NOT to write an academic tome of literary or of any type of analysis.

Paperbackpages. So okay – this has some interesting and convincing analyses in it. George to kill the dragon. But what it wants to do is not something I’m terribly impressed with, personally.

View all 7 comments. Professor Bosch’s study of infantile autism is a most valuable contribution to the slowly increasing body of knowledge about this baffling and most severe psychiatrie bettelhein of childhood.

The closest he comes is pissing and moaning about how Perrault changed stories up to be permissible in the French courts–dude fucking hates Perrault, afaict, which was kind of entertaining.

  LSP 3122 PDF

The number three in fairy tales is always a reference to the penis with its two testicles. Because, as miners, the dwarfs, and I quote directly, “skillfully penetrate into dark holes.

Bauman talks about this fairy tale in Moral Blindness — how the lesson of the story is that everyone needs somewhere to be able to hide their deepest secrets and that being prepared to accept that people — even people you love very much — should be allowed room to conceal some things from you is actually an act of true love.

Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe

I have learned, in reading about how to read fairy tales, that I am woefully under-educated about penises and their manifold symbols, which there are exponentially more of than I ever could have dreamed about or hoped for. Just keep your sense of humor about you, take much of what he says with a grain of salt, and you’ll likely find a few gems in here.

From what I’ve learned outside this nruno, the differences between different groups of European fairy tales–French versus Italian versus English versus German, etc. Reading it now, eh. Nevertheless an interesting interpretation.

The enchanted world – Bruno Bettelheim – Psychology – Human Sciences – Library –

This is one of those old school books that treats Freud’s theories as if they were science. It examines the main issues that parents face and guides the parent through the stages of a child’s development. And although this seems to contradict what I said incsntato about love being about acceptance of all of our scars — well, this is about love and growing and coming to understand ourselves — who said anything about consistency or making sense? On the other hand, the Freudian interpretations did allow for some serious lulz, as did the author’s many asides on how stupid people are to hate fairy tales and refuse to read them to their children when did this happen?


Now if I were just ranking The Uses of Enchantment for its text and only for its text, I would most probably be rating it with a low three stars readable but with some definite potential issues and problems.

In that regard they are entertaining if you can manage to ignore the fact that he is bettleheim.

Kinder brauchen Märchen

But fairy tales are a safe place where such guilty secrets can by played with and learnt from. There is a rare glimmer of value in some of Bettleheim’s analysis, particularly bettelhiem discussion of figures in fairy tale narratives as less of people and more of symbols of the listening child’s psyche, like the “good” birth mother being replaced by an evil step mother as something a child feels has happened when they grow and can no longer rely on their mothers for everything and indeed are often required to help their mothers, feeling like they are being exploited instead of simply maturing.

I don’t like books that leave no room for individual interpretation. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Uses of Enchantment: If that is the case then fairy tales are always relevant to us, no matter what our age.

A former colleague recommended it to me, because we both shared the love for telling fairy tales in the classrooms. People are kings and queens or dirt poor. Non bisogna cercare di essere genitori perfetti o, tantomeno, aspettarsi che perfetti siano i figli. Perish the fucking thoughtpeople might not see getting married and ruling a kingdom as emblematic of self-actualization, a successfully integrated personality, or whatever else you want to call it.

And so is Bettelheim.

Miklos Nyiszli was spared from death for a grimmer fate: This one certainly seemed to be.

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