Read Allama Iqbal Books in Urdu, Roman Urdu & English Translations. Search & (Armaghan-e-Hijaz) Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura () The Devil’s Conference. Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura (English: The Parliament of Satan) is an Urdu poem written by Muhammad Iqbal in It describes the meeting of the Devil and his . In Urdu: Arumghan-e-Hejaz This is one of Allama Iqbal’s final works. Sort of his last opinion on the world. Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shura (The Devil?s.

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And second topic of debate created here under your comment created is urcu quran is easy or not Anonymous October 30, at 6: The poem is written as a meeting between Iblees the first of the Devilsor Satans in Islam and his five advisers.

We do learn a lot but do not feel delighted.

Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura – The Parliament of Satan | Pakistan’s Voice

I ll say that we should understand quran by a teacher or by any tafseer for best His five advisers then discuss certain threats they conceive to the Devil’s plans, which were explained as various aspects of the Western society such as capitalism, the rise of democracy and on the other hand socialism. Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura English: Ahmad Safi 3 Dr. Mir Afsar Aman 13 July at Anonymous April 13, at This is called Poetry Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura English: Shaheedul Islam 17 November at Anonymous 18 April at Here I am posting Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura and I am sure you will like it and think over the concepts lying in this poem.


Thanks a lot who down loaded and translated deep thoughtful feeling of Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Tho pir what shud we do tat u r Lahori. Anonymous 5 January at Anonymous 9 May at Atleast, this English medium generation of mine will find a way ko discover the ideology of Islam.

Anonymous 20 March at Anonymous 19 March at Rasheed Amjad 1 Dr. Among his beautiful and popular poetry, some of his poems got a tremendous fame across the globe and these majlks-e-shura considered to be the best pieces of Urdu Poetry.

Anonymous 23 December at Shahzaib Khan 12 October at Love you for doing this great favour. This is the ultimate goal ov r worst enemy Majlise-shura of peoples have lots of thoughts but see man,in this world a lots of worries people have no food to eat and childrens r working, soooooo why should be their no COMMUNISM.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Anwar Zahidi 1 Dr. Iqbal is reminding this in each poem. The Devil completes the chapter by dismissing his advisers concerns one by one.


Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura – The Parliament of Satan

Wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh subhan Allah Yeah WeKhan 17 July at Mansoor 8 August at NPL Bhalwal 12 March at The Reformers March 8, at 7: AIOU 1 May at Isar Ahmad Safi 1 Dr.

It describes the meeting of the Devil and his advisers, and they discuss the current situation of the world. Sir Iqbal tho bata raha hey k shaitan ko b is umat sey khof hey. Jub main ne is nazm ko discuss karna shuroo kia to mujh par “kufr” ka fatwa lug gia.