The ink cartridge is very low and you want to replace it with a full cartridge for unattended printing. You can use the remaining ink in the first cartridge at a more . Get two printing systems—both mono and color—in one.(1 The versatile HP ( 1The HP Designjet T Printer series includes color and mono-only models. Buy HP Designjet T Monochrome Printer featuring Print D-Size Print In Seconds, Up To DPI Ethernet Connectivity. Review HP T

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Monocbrome on HP Matte Film, for which your printer’s line length accuracy is specified. Check what your software understands to be the printable area which it might cite as “printing area” or “imageable area”.

Also make sure that the paper type that you select in your software is the same as the paper type that you loaded in the printer. Primer – Primer assembly – For DesignJet printers.

HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series – Troubleshoot print-quality issues

From the main menu, selectthen Optimize print quality. The problem occurs most designjey on print jobs that are set for low-quality and high-speed. Make sure that the paper type that you select on the front panel is the same as the paper type that is loaded in the printer. Execute them in the proposed order. Matching two printing devices that use different ink chemistry, paper chemistry, and printheads is unlikely to be completely successful.


Remove an ink cartridge only if you are ready to insert another one. This option can also be selected from the front panel.

If the problem persists, contact your customer service representative for further support.

See Functional specificationsFunctional specifications. This problem is normally seen only on cut sheets of paper not on roll paper.

Check that you are printing on the correct side of the paper. Furthermore, the printer is optimized for long, unattended print runs thanks to its compatibility with long media rolls external roll diameter up to 7. If your image contains its own margins, you might be able to print it successfully by using the Clip contents by margins option. If you are trying to print a very printwr image on a roll, make sure that your software can print an image of that size.

HP Designjet T Printer(CQA)| HP® United States

Check your USB or network cable. The HP thermal inkjet printing provides a lower cost-per-page than LED printers for more affordable in-house printing. Optimize print quality This option ensures that printer and supplies are adjusted to deliver optimum print quality. Cover – Top cover – For the inch Designjet T printer series. Cover – Right cover – For the Designjet T printer series. Deflector – Media deflector – For DesignJet printers.

Download the latest versions for any HP printer from http: Black ink comes off when you touch the print This problem may be caused by printing with matte prniter ink on glossy paper. Arm – Arm assembly – Supports keyboard shelf assembly – Does not include bracket.


HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series – Remove an ink cartridge

After alignment, you may wish to reprint your moncohrome in case the problem has been solved. Lines are discontinuous If your lines are broken in the following way:. Shelf – Rear tube shelf – Includes brackets – For inch plotters. Click Next to execute all calibration and recovery routines automatically. The procedure to remove an ink cartridge hhp be initiated from the monocjrome panel.

Check that the Paper Type setting on the front panel corresponds to the paper you have loaded. The print is distorted or unintelligible The interface cable that is connecting your printer to your network or to your computer might be faulty. Also click the Paper Size tab, and then select Paper Type.

This page requires Javascript. Cover – Roll cover freewheel assembly – For Designjet printers.

If you are using glossy paper, try changing to a different type of glossy paper. Omnochrome image has a wood-grain appearance aeroworms Figure: Go to the front panel and press the View information key to see the paper advance calibration status.

If you are using Application Color Management, make sure that the color profile that you are using corresponds to the selected paper type and print-quality settings.