Black long sea cucumber. Holothuria leucospilota. Family Holothuriidae updated Oct Where seen? This large long black sea cucumber is seen on many of. Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Holothuria leucospilota. Descriptions and articles about the Lollyfish Sea Cucumber, scientifically known as Holothuria leucospilota in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; D.

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It has been placed in the subgenus Mertensiothuria making its full scientific name Holothuria Mertensiothuria leucospilota.

The gel was run at 70V for 90 mins. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Integrative and Comparative Biology. Links Holothuria leucospilota Aspidochirotida: Photos of Black long sea cucumbers for free download from holotuhria flickr. References Lane, David J.

Holothuria leucospilota — Wikipédia

The isopropanol was then carefully poured off without dislodging the nucleic acid pellet. Nevertheless, these physical parameter values were all recorded at low tide, thus there is need to collect similar data at high tide using scuba diving. The worm pearlfish Encheliophis vermicularis is a parasite of this species and each parasitised H. The supernatant was collected and the pellet discarded. Evisceration by sea cucumbers according to some authors is one of the defensive mechanisms of sea cucumbers responding to leucosiplota during collection and shipping.

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The samples were centrifuged as above to pellet total nucleic acid. In Singapore, Apostichopus japonicus is consumed as food and is becoming increasingly rare as a result of overexploitation. According to Ruppert and Nolothuria [ 9 ], evisceration is a common response among the sea cucumbers to severe stress and can be induced in a variety of ways including such factors as chemical stress, physical manipulation and crowding among others. To calculate the variance leucoepilota variance-to-mean ratio, we used the following set of formulas: Data represent means of 3 replicates.


Making a close analysis of the parameters in Table 1one realizes that the highest values were recorded in March which translates in the number of animals recorded in this month Table 2.

The mean pH value for S. A review of the family Holothuriidae Holothurioidea Aspidochirotida. Being a source of food and medicine to many has resulted in their being harvested heavily in many communities with tonnes leaving the ocean annually [ 3 ]. Sea cucumbers are organisms that cannot be cultured successfully without holkthuria prior knowledge of their feeding habits.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

If threatened, Holothuria leucospilota can emit a mass of fine sticky Cuvierian tubules from its anus which ensnare the potential predator allowing the sea cucumber to escape. The salinity mean value for both species was J Aquac Res Development 3: Holothuria leucospilota is a scavenger and when feeding it usually has its posterior end anchored underneath a rock or in a crevice so that it can contract back out of sight if disturbed.

They are widely distributed in all regions of the oceans worldwide. Upon completion, the gel was removed and viewed under UV light. At the anterior end, there are twenty oral tentacles with branched tips. Holothuria leucospilota on Commercially important sea cucumbers of the worldby Steven W.


One important thing about sea cucumbers is that they can be without food for months as observed, however, when starved it consumes itself gradually and eventually die. Shows the population size estimation of H.

It gathers edible bits from the surface using its 20 long feeding tentacles that have bushy sticky tips. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. World Register of Marine Species.

The number of species per survey was determined randomly due to the vastness of the area and it was conducted in three quadrats measuring m -2 5 m x 20 m along a m transect line. The pH leicospilota from 7. The abundance of H. Upon completion of the work the species were returned to their respective locations [ 5 ]. The two sea cucumber species, H. Marine Species Identification Portal. Holothjria of population size and distribution pattern: E and Doty, J.

It is common on reef flats. Elsewhere, can be common and abundant in reefs, seagrass meadows, sandy and muddy bottoms with rubble or reefs. The simplest explanation that could be associated with this scenario could partly be that species of S.

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