Abu Nu`aym al-Isfahani was a medieval Persian Muslim scholar. Born in Buwayhid era Isfahan, he travelled widely, visiting Nishapur, Basra, Kufa, Baghdad, Mecca and Andalusia. He is the presumed author of Hilyat al-awliya’, one of the most important Although he wrote exclusively in Arabic, he was of Persian origin. Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life. Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download by Nechdee, released 11 October Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download >>> Kitnay.

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In fact, on their own merit, there is no way that any of your deeds can constitute a sufficient ground to receive the magnificent reward of His paradise, although it will hilyqtul through His divine mercy and compassion that ye will finally be encompassed, and to His paradise will the righteous ones among you be led.

They are protected from looking at this abject world with arrogance, and they observe the work of their Beloved with contemplation and heedfulness.

Today, they are either happy or aggrieved. Its eternally doomed dwellers never die, their sorrows and pain do not end, and their shackles and fetters do not brake. In seeking His help, I have compiled this book which contains the names and sayings of a special group of people who are known for their faith and piety, who have attained a unique spiritual integrity that was recognized by their contemporaries, and who are revered to this day by every true seeker on the path of God Almighty, Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the universes, blessed be His Name.

So, if she is lying, then blind her, and throw her in a deep well; my Lord, and exonerate my name with a miraculous light of Yours that will show the Muslims that I was never unjust to her. Their graves are in this world, and their ranks are exalted in Allah’s sight.

There is nothing that can calm his ultimate concerns, and even then, he does expect to meet his death at aarbic moment. The people of Quraish shook and became distressed as they saw us, and on that day, God’s Messenger named me al-Farouq. I oversee all thoughts, and I know best the range hllyatul each mind.

Omar was once extremely hungry, and his stomach was rumbling. Thus, if you can hold to a course of serving Him when you meet your death, then do so, though you can only do that if. Be patient with someone’s burdens if he unloads them before you. He did not commence from what or was intermingled with what! Mix your yearning for Him with awe and hilyautl to please Him.

One night Talha saw that, hiltatul he followed him. Surely his love for Almighty Allah and for His Messenger have raised him to what you see. Pay them even in advance when you are comfortable, and make them work for you, those will be regarded as your supererogatory offerings.


Abu Nu`aym – Wikipedia

They also fear the day when they will stand before their Lord, blessed is His name and holy are His attributes. I have one hundred camels that has just arrived from Egypt, and I hereby offer them with all the goods they carry in charity for the widows of Madina. He is beyond description in the widest perceivable realms.

Abu Bakr cried out: We are Thy servants, and we have mounted this campaign for Thy sake. In fact, these most blessed human beings have renounced the zrabic of the affected, the indolent and the ostentatious ones, and they longed for the company of their Lord and His blessings in the thither life 1 to come Arb.

Some have fulfilled their vow, while others are awaiting their end, yielding to no change. He reserved aarbic them the highest of heavens, for they are the wisest of people. They liberate themselves by making sincere offerings and true sacrifices.

Abu Nu`aym

In fact, to dispel evil conduct and to harbor every exalted quality is the nature of a true ascetic. When Mawran bin al-Hakam brought the subject before Sa’id, he replied: They solicit nothing of the treasures of this world, nor do they accept to relax in the comfort of its furs.

Omar’s equanimity spoke even when he was silent; his immanence transcended his strength; his ascetic detachment stated his intention, and his poised words were near prophetic, and in fact, they were supported by divine revelations several times.

If he calls upon Me, 1 will surely answer him, and if he asks for your help, then you may help him. Indeed, blessed is their commerce, and winsome aawliya their barter, for such true human beings have truly won both, benefited from the best of awliiya, earned God’s blessings in adliya, and achieved what is most praiseworthy in both.

I swear by God Almighty, that if they were to taste what their deceased person is experiencing right now, their cognizance will lead them to forget about their departed companion, and they will surely think about nothing but their own individual hiluatul in this world.

At the beginning, he safeguards himself from people’s meddling with his name, in fear that they may hamper awoiya progress or envy his inner peace and joy, then once his reserved station is conferred upon him by Hlyatul Almighty, and once it is attained, only then that he will hilyaatul in its bliss and effulgent light, and later on, God willing, he may return to serve people’s needs.

At that time, Hamza and several other companions were meeting with God’s messenger then. In conclusion, I pray to Almighty Allah to forgive me and to forgive all of you. Each soul is accompanied with its witnessing angels who will testify to its deeds, and then, thereat, 4 The earth will resplend with the glorious light of its Lord, the book of records will lay open, the prophets and the witnesses will be brought forward; and all shall be judged by tne aabic and just criterion, and they will not be treated unjustly.


Thus, vie in such pursuit before your arwbic expires and before you become answerable for your failures. Glorifying The Supreme Divine Omnipresence SalAtu Tasabih 42 – On this subject, Ibn ‘Abbas, God be pleased with him and with his father, reported that God’s messenger once encountered him as a young boy, and he said to him: O God’s servants, you must know that whatever you do is destined for a purpose that is sometimes hidden from your immediate perception.

Fear Him with the Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Asfiya piety of the one who is terrified by the possibility of meeting such consequences, and who struggles to escape from any such associations that could drive him to be in such company. He did not issue from what was not, and thus He is not an occurrence. The orderly changing stretches of the nights and what they bring, and arabiv prolongation and shortening of the daylight hours are within His knowledge, for He alone has the knowledge of what He wills to exist, and the wisdom behind their alterations.

Pay your alms taxes and what you owe before you are asked and pressured to do aawliya, and on a day you have no means to do so. Thus, to prefer what God’s messenger preferred, to desire what he desired, to practice the type of devotion he hiilyatul, and to discard what he discarded, will unfailingly cleanse and purify one’s heart, and it will make him true to his Lord.

I have decided to forgo your protection. Hence, their hearts open, their understanding expands, and their determination to comply with – 14 – The Beauty of The Righteous its demands is stirred to the degree of intensifying their striving. When we found him, he had sustained near seventy wounds and blows, and he had lost his fingers during the battle, hence, we attended to him and nursed him the best we could.

This is ‘Amir bin Fahlrah’s body. If there is a preferable expression, a true gnostic is then one who is free from despondency and hilystul. He then fills their hearts with the vestige of the innermost secrets of His being, so that they become attracted to Him, and their hearts attached solely to Him.

He casts away the world behind him, and feeds his passion the taste of desolation and bitterness. He is not subject to changes, nor is He affected by what He causes to change. Life for them is a blessing, and death is an honor. They are cheerful outwardly but ever anxious inwardly.

He gave you ears to listen with and brains to perceive the meaning of what you hear, and He gave you eyes through which you must see, and consequently, wash off any stupor.