Hilti Expansion Anchors – HSL-I – Ultimate performance internally threaded heavy -duty expansion anchor. stainless steel version (HSL-G-R) is available if required, subject to lead time. For technical data, please contact your local Hilti. Field Engineer. Hilti anchor. Hilti Expansion Anchors – HSL-3 – Ultimate-performance heavy-duty expansion anchor (CS + hex head).

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Use our Contact Form. High Concrete Accessories are the “essential connection” for a clean, finished look and cost savings, too Go back to design of concrete structures and read up why we give cover to concrete beams and columns and it’s significance.

Raise and lower the Apron hilgi use the block of wood to adjust the alignment of the Upper Dies. Pull out test on anchor bolt The purpose of the test is to apply a specific tensile load to an anchor bolt in order that the bolt can sustain such test condition for a period of time.

Technical information; Media 3 ; Videos 1 Hex bolt M6x45 8. This submittal packagye includes frequentl applied details for the CP Speed Sleeves.

Hilti® HSL-3 Expansion Anchors and Accessories

Used with a lag bolt. Drawing labels, details, and other text information extracted from the CAD file Translated from Spanish: Hilti Capsule Adhesive Anchors – Hjlti – Ultimate-performance foil capsule for anchoring in concrete new concrete walls, new-block construction or installation in an existing wall with an irregular hole.

When the forms are stripped, the color-coded flange is visibly embedded in the concrete surface. The Hilti CP Speed Sleeve is easy to install and as you can see in this video creates hl much better seal around cable bundles, resulting in the industry’s best L-ratings.


Instead of setting the sleeve and anchor bolt hhsl during the concrete pour, only the sleeve is set in place and once the concrete cures an anchor bolt is placed inside the sleeve and set.

Tighten the Upper Die Hex Screws. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. Metal anchor systems for fastenings in concrete, masonry and drywall but has been registered for another Hilti website.

HSL-3 M12/25 – HiRes

Wide range of fastening applications in shl medium load range in hollow block with plastic sleevessolid block and uncracked concrete where no approval is required Fence and railing posts, gates, window grills, non-structural rebars, wall cabinets, bathroom fittings, air conditioning systems, lights Hilti CP 4″ Firestop Speed Sleeve. Loading Unsubscribe from gple87? This is due to package and minimum order quantities.

Expansion anchors in carbon steel and stainless steel, approved for cracked concrete, uncracked concrete and seismic — including stud anchors and sleeved anchors Expansion Anchors – Hilti United Arab Emirates Expansion nsl in carbon steel and stainless steel, approved for cracked concrete, uncracked concrete and seismic — including stud anchors and sleeved anchors Anchor Systems HST3 Safety stud anchor Find great deals on eBay for hilti concrete anchor bolts.

Hilti manufactures a complete line of cast-in hiltk sleeve devices for fire protection to protect against moisture and smoke damage. Jack’s is your Place!

Hilti Heavy Duty Expansion Anchor Hsl-3 M16/25 Bolt Steel Zinc Plated

The Hilti HSL-3 Heavy Duty Anchor is a torque-controlled expansion bolt designed for high performance in static and dynamic application including the tension zone of concrete structures where cracking can be expected.

We employ around 25, people in more than countries to work providing leading-edge tools, tech, software and services.

Headed anchor bolts can also have an anchor plate welded to the head of the bolt if the head itself does not provide enough pull-out resistance. A wide variety of galvanized hilti anchor bolt options are available to you, such as anchor bolt, expansion anchor, and sleeve anchor. More information The Anchor Bolt Adaptor includes a set of 4 adaptors, each with one washer and nut. Conventional resin-grouted passive anchor Drill Retract Insert hiltii Insert anchor Mix ineStep anchor The self-drilling Hilti OneStep rock anchor clearly eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone installation operations associat- ed with conventional anchor systems, some of which the operator is required to carry out while in the danger hiltl.


We can ship out one box or a whole pallet of concrete anchors.

An inexpensive formwork system for the production of concrete columns with a first class finish. Five packages of 20 available.

EBA – Hilti® M8 /8″ Long HSL-3 Expansion Anchor

Visit the Hilti website: Find great deals on eBay for hilti anchors. Identify the toggle bolt you need for brick, drywall, stucco and more, then find it quickly in Grainger’s stock. As seen in the figure 1, most designs consist of a standard bolt with a hexagonal head, which is cast in the wet concrete before it hulti. The document has moved here. Hilti Sleeve Anchors and Nail Anchors – DBZ – Economical wedge anchor Suspensions from concrete ceilings with slit-steel straps, punched band, nonius system hangers or wood battens For redundant fastening applications in cracked concrete or single-point applications in Hilti, Inc.

Please contact Hilti Technical Service if you have any questions about secure fastening. I walk through the replacement.

Our metric anchors are available in a wide range of sizes and materials including: Hilti’s newest generation of Kwik Concrete Pipe Sleeves.