The Hellhammer is a super-heavy tank of the Astra Militarum that is a variant of the infamous Baneblade tank. The Hellhammer replaces the rocket-assisted. Hello guys it’s me again. I just bought a baneblade to add to my guard army and I am having trouble finding out which book has the most. However, when trying to plunder a HellHammer Cannon the pirates have SPECIAL RULES: Hell-hammer: Hell-Hammer Cannons have the.

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Hello guys it’s me again. Additionally, the Quake Cannon is inefficient against enemy Titansfor unlike the Lance beam from a Volcano Cannon, or the massive plasma burst from a Plasma Blastgun, the massive shell will be stopped by any remaining Void Shield, requiring the target’s shields to be taken down heplhammer the shot is taken with any hope of success.

Are there any pieces or layouuts that stand out as favorites? The chaos conversion has the mega flame template. With the sixth edition re-release of ApocalypseGW redid the kit again to make all eight of their official variants listed below. If you would have told me back then that those guys in Nirvana were going to do as well as they did, I would never have believed it for anything. Retribution, as the Imperial Guard’s super heavy unit and one of the superunits, a title it shares with the Swarmlordthe Great Unclean Onethe Avatar of Khaine once more notably, the Avatar along with the Baneblade are the only returning superunits from the first Dawn of War seriesthe Battlewagonand the Land Raider Redeemer which is a different variant from the one in Dawn of War.

Seriously, try and do a parallel parking with this monster when trying to aim at some scrubs hiding behind a concrete wall. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat It is able to turn entire building blocks to dust with a single shot. GW and Forgeworld both make kits for these — the GW kit can make seven other tanks, but FW’s kit has the targeters, a bigger engine and a travel mount for the cannon to rest on. And you’d like to think the same people who had a problem with us doing things different would really hate us if we’d never changed.


While the Tremor Cannon shell itself does relatively little damage, it is the side effect of the underground explosion that is invaluable, pinning the opponent in place and making him vulnerable to sustained bombardment by the other artillery elements of the Imperial Guard. The Hellhammer does use the 7” Massive Blast marker, but it’s only usable in Apocalypse games.

When Pert does it right, he gets it done.

Baneblade – 1d4chan

Like all of rulles variants of the Baneblade, the Banehammer came into being as the solution to a specific tactical need. General Sturnn likes it hot and heavy. Whatever is the case the Baneblade excels in its job at being adaptable to different environments. With a fearsome blast radius, the turret-mounted Hellhammer Cannon is capable of clearing whole squads of Heretic and xenos scum from the holes in which they cower.

hellhammer – 3++

I like Colossus of Destiny. He does this by signing on to the nearest imperial guard unit and starts the novel commanding a squadron of Leman Russes and then after an Ork ambush he gets a spot as third gunner on the Mars Rulse.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. So it was figured that the tank and plasma blastgun were more precious than the limited-use ordnance that came as an aftermarket extra, so the missiles were withdrawn.

Metal Rules

Privacy policy About MelvinsWiki Disclaimers. This is the scene of the above mentioned boggle of stupid.

This makes the Fortress of Arrogance an excellent HQ command choice as the ability to inspire nearby troops provides a good morale boost in the midst of battle. Just so I’m absolutely clear: The Hunter-Killer Missile is neat, but with the massive arsenal the tank’s lugging around it’s not necessary.

The Baneblade first appeared in the Space Marine edition of Epicwhere it was rjles Imperial Guard’s standard super-heavy tank it says a lot about the universe that there’s such a thing as a “standard” one.

In short it’s written so you could fap to how awesome the Baneblade is. Contents [ show ]. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. The Stormblade offers more flexibility in loadout, and having 6 sponsons that can be individually customized for any situation allows it to engage even more targets compared to the Baneblade.

While the magma cannon’s range or area of effect are not the equal of the Shadowsword’s volcano cannon, it can still deal a death blow to unwary players thinking they are all hotshots for having a Titan on the field. Since you said you are playing apocalypse he can, if you dontr have the 7″ blast marker you can helllhammer get heplhammer normal 5″ one and throw your tape measure out an extra inch around it to see weather or not it gets “debatable” hits you should be able to tell weather or not a model is within an inch of the templates ecdge, if theyre right on the line measure.


Its a shame they didnt give the hellhammer the humongous flame template. A bunch of artists and writers are contributing.

DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. Besides looking totally rulws, it stomps a lot of ass too. Then again, the “big” tanks in Epic were closer to moving, gun-mounting cathedrals. It uses the Hellhammer Cannonwhich is shorter, but no less deadly than the Baneblade Cannon, and strikes harder but on a smaller area, giving exactly zero fucks about the cover in between.

This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k Rules Be respectful DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. If you are playing apocalypse he can, if you are just playing a large game with normal rules he may not as it is not in his codex.

The Fellblade is the Space Marines ‘ main super-heavy tank, not used very much since the Horus Heresy. What else is coming up from you guys music-wise? Despite obviously having a big gun on the lower hull, there was no representation of it in the tank’s rules. While the Heavy Flamers can deal more damage they are hamped by their range and damage output, and work best on those variants who already need to be close to the enemy to use effectively.

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