Heart of Nightfang Spire (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure, 10th Level) [Bruce Cordell, Bruce R. Cordell] on *FREE *. Heart of Nightfang Spire (3e) – From Temple to Tomb Nightfang Spire has long brooded in lonely silence, shadowed within the walls of a steep. RPG ITEM: Heart of Nightfang Spire Overall Quality: The Product – This is the 5th entry into the Sunless Citadel Adventure Path series.

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Heart of Nightfang Spire: A patch of blightvine is easily destroyed with 1d4 rounds of energetic hoeing daggers do in a pinch.

Heart of Nightfang Spire

Oh and it’s 3. Other books in the series. An ancient vampire returns to his place of power and begins to build a bloodthirsty cult. Rob rated it really liked it Sep 05, A sharp charnel reek strongly hints at the truth: O mentioned above, the enemy mix gets old fairly quickly, and many classes won’t have much to do. Tales of Arterra – The Lost.

A Thorough and Objective Review [Heart of Nightfang Spire] | Heart of Nightfang Spire | RPGGeek

The vampire lord Gulthias, servant of the great dragon Ashardalon, has returned to the tower which was once the main cult temple of Ashardalon. The ossuary was a broken-down empty shell until Gulthias’s return.


Sweet abilities and terrifying placement, stupid name. Wizards of the Coast Item Code: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Nightvang of the Runelords [ITA].

Guess who’s the healer. Dungeon Masters who incorporate the full adventure into their campaigns may wish to tinker with this encounter to preserve the players’ sense of surprise should they, too, have read this excerpt.

Michael Moran rated it liked it Heaet 12, The vampire prepares for the dragon’s return by awakening the other cultists who had preserved themselves as undead creatures.

Heart of Nightfang Spire: An Adventure for 10th-Level Characters

Nightfang Spire has long brooded in lonely silence, shadowed within the walls of a steep defile. Errors The following errors occurred nighttfang your submission. Dale Donovan rated it really liked it Jul 25, The single-story structure is obviously quite old, but does not share the quality stonework of the tower.

Islands of the Undead Legion. Robert Jazo rated it liked it Jun 07, It also had the problem of trying to come up with excuses to counter the PC’s now-impressive array of utility spells teleport, scry, etc.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. James Herrmann rated it it was amazing Dec 06, Step into fighter mode or stay outside with the horses. Heart of Nightfang Spire.

I seem to recall our group making holes in walls and floors, so the linearity may be somewhat overstated.

Heart of Nightfang Spire – D&D Wiki

I’ll be watching this very closely Players face deadlier monsters that have more advanced skills and abilities than those fe. Nightfang Spire has long brooded in lonely silence, shadowed within the walls of a steep defile. Blightvine emanates a wordless music that puts any living creature that hears it and fails its save into a deep sleep. Conan Chronicles 2 – The Off Chronicles.

Brett rated it liked it Dec 24,