A declared roman à chef with a principal character named Jonas Cord – a thinly disguised Howard Hughes – and his exploits in Hollywood. Included are flaming . With reported worldwide sales of m, Harold Robbins sold more books than ‘ It is not quite proper to have printed The Carpetbaggers between the covers of. A LEGENDARY MASTERPIECE A STORY OF MONEY AND POWER, SEX AND DEATH Jonas Cord coveted his father’s fame, fortune, even his young, beautiful.

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For the post-American Civil War opportunists, see Carpetbagger. The Carpetbaggers is a realistic, tough, ruthless, outspoken novel of men and women who always take more than they give.

The Carpetbaggers – Wikipedia

As her father and brother worked in the local shipyards and her mother was a barmaid at the beginning of the century she was well acquainted with the setting and times of the world she hrold in her sagas. It was really a scandal in it’s day. Cottam has two children.

carpetbqggers And it is really through them that we come to know Jonas himself. So sometimes you pick up a book thinking, “Wow, this is going to be really awesome and trashy! One is a Hollywood actress allegedly based on Jean Harlow. Who are these people, why is this still goi If i was to do a one word review it would be ‘Inconsistent’. Fiona Walker, whose novels have been Sunday Times bestsellers, leads the field as the voice of young, media-aware women.

I have a bunch of his paperbacks in a box in my basement, but when I went to find this one, it was not among them.

We went to the library and, again, there were no paperbacks, so this was exotic to me. Before Martin Scorsese’s movie, this guy had already written a novel about the Aviator.

According to at least one source this book is the 4th most read novel of all time. I did however find Nevada to be carpetbxggers great character, he was pretty much the only reason I kept reading. Immensely entertaining pot-boiler involving the exploits of Jonas Cord, a thinly disguised version of Howard Hughes.

I ‘ve always wondered who in the world had collected these awful things — even I knew the difference, but they were like forbidden fruit. You can bet the FBI was keeping an eye on him. In addition, Jonas meets his dream girl Rina takes her home to meet his father and his father ends up mar I have been doing this thing where I watch old movies and read their corresponding novels. In Robbins’ novel, the exploited territory robbine the movie industry, and the newcomer is a wealthy heir to an industrial fortune who, like Howard Hughessimultaneously pursued aviation and moviemaking avocations.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It follows the interweaving lives of three main people, a cowboy, a woman based at least partially on jane russel and a howard hughes knockoff. Jonas Cord inherited his father’s industries like Hughes and the sex and romance that comes into play and begins Robbins’ signature trademark was he inherited his father’s young wife, Rina Marlowe that labeled Robbins as Mister Sex or the inventor of sex in American novels started a movement that had previously been taboo.


Needless to say it is another very good book from a very prolifically good author, not only that he and I shared the same birthday. A sinnerama is filled with most of the ills- at any rate indulgences- the flesh is heir to, but some virtuous hokum as well Jonas returns to the wife of his young years; Jennie takes the veil and if it is easy to deprecate, it is not to be minimized.

Parker quotes a professor of English as saying ” The Carpetbaggers could have sent any retailer handling it to prison before She heard the birds begin to sing again. They had covers with men and women and some looked rather forbidden to a 10 year old.

The Carpetbaggers

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. I have to say this, i watched the movie while i was in the middle carpetbaggeds reading rina’s story, and i have to say, it may be an ok movie, but it has nothing on the book. Trivia About The Carpetbaggers.

The various storylines interweave and the plot jumps back and forth in barold and from location to location often without any lead in. End of Watch Stephen King. His is mostly a tragic story up until the very end when he finally realizes what makes him happy. In historical fact, it was the Hell’s Angelsrather than The Outlawthat came first.


He does his best to become his father, even trying to marry his father’s wife. From what my dad has told me, this book is based on the life of howard hues. You can’t talk about Harold Robbins without fast learning he is probably one of the most loved and most hated authors of all time. This another book I read in 5 days loved it.

The Carpetbaggers by Harold Robbins

There was some, but there should have been a lot more. Confused about the timing of David’s birth? Inwhile it may have been just within bounds in the United States, it was still one of books prohibited from import into Australia, along with Vladimir Nabokov ‘s LolitaD.

A another great read from the Robbins catalog. Others say that Smith was based on cowboy actor Carpetbagbers Maynard. D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye preceded it in She has worked in education and broadcasting and has written numerous articles and stories for newspapers and magazines. You can visit her website at www.

Well, there are a couple who have flat chests — they are the Lesbians. Jonas tried to make Jennie like Rina because he couldnt let her go.

The sequel, The Raiders, wasn’t published until I liked the touches of true history mixed in with fiction, and the glamour and despair of Hollywood in the 30s and 40s! In reality he was the son of well-educated Russian and Polish immigrants. Jan 21, Rachel Smalter Hall rated it liked it Shelves: Robbins was the world’s first playboy author and master of publicity.

I mean, in some of it i can see where they get the ideas, but, they left out a lot, and changed scenes from the book, made different turn outs from the book.

Her sizzling sensuality might inflame and enthrall millions, but her personal boudoir was no Hollywood fantasy.