Related. Sripad Sadhu Maharaja explaining “Sri Guru Carana Padma”In “Audio”. New booklet – “Reflections on bhakti-tattva”In “bhakti-tattva” I am a disciple of Sri Srimat Radhakunda Mahanta Pandit Ananta das Babaji. Sri Guru Tattva Vijnana & Sri Bhakta Tattva Vijnana by Pandit Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj. Srila Ananta das Babaji Maharaj We shall briefly discuss śrī-guru-tattva. If one understands the gravity of śrī-guru-tattva, there will be no doubt concerning the.

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Here it is noteworthy that a maha purusha, who is endowed with extraordinary powers, can examine the qualifications of a disciple on mere sight, or can make an unqualified candidate at once qualified and can thus give initiation to a candidate at once.

Knowledge on all these Guru-principles is acquired in the association of the sadhus. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Visit him at his ashram in Radhakund. Diksha is necessary, gugu it may take some time for you…no problem My Gurudeva will not come to the West, but Sadhu Maharaja comes often. They consider this temporary worldly life to be like an ocean that is very difficult to cross. Would it be better to look for a Guru here in the U.

You are doing sadhana-bhakti in anugatya of Sripad Sadhu Maharaja and my Gurudeva. If he is not, then he cannot infuse realisations on bhajana within the heart of his disciple.

Sri Ananta Das Babaji | Amrita-Tarangini

Love Tarun Like Like. Because there are so many things, Gurudev may reveal some points or he can reveal all these details. Another way of attaining such satisfaction of Sri Gurudeva is earnest service of Sri Gurudeva.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. No longer in service to Swami Tripurari or a member of his sanga I feel terribly lost and need the guidance and direction from Sri Guru.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Having arrived at this holiest of all the holy places, he received the cloth of an ascetic from Sri Kunja Bihari Das Babaji. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Annta have our form there.


I can send you more as PDF if you want. This Guru-potency awakens within a saint in the following way — those who have removed the anana from their hearts through their practice of sadhana bhajana; in whose hearts bhakti has awakened and who have become ornamented by saintly qualities such as compassion and kindness — their hearts melt when they see the misery the conditioned souls go through in the material world of maya.

Without the company of the devotees of the Supreme Lord, the principle of Guru cannot be understood.

Special service means also ajanta ordinary service. Fear can be given up by constantly considering the truth, lamentation and illusion can be given up by considering what is material and what is spiritual ananha pride can be given up by serving a great soul.

Hence he has been swallowed by ignorance and illusion, and being under such illusion, he identifies with his false body, senses and mind. Since time immemorial, souls searching for God have wandered from womb to womb until they finally obtained a human body, the doorway to liberation from worldly life.

I will not elaborate further on this topic. If the disciple does not think like that, he might consider the Guru to be an ordinary mortal being, and that will result into a great offence which will make all his sadhana bhajana fruitless, like the bath of an elephant. This is factually not the opinion of the Gosvamis. On top of everything I am providing favorable winds to steer it in the right direction. After taking initiation, the sadhaka always engages in the worship of Sri Hari by hearing, chanting, worshipping the deities and praising the Lord.

Srila Sadhu Maharaja on guru-tattva

On the order of his guru, Sri Ananta Dasji returned to his family, teaching the local people and initiating some two hundred disciples over the ten following years. No need to give up. You are commenting using your WordPress. The most fortunate amongst these human beings will attain the association of the saints.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here During the earlier years of his life he held the occupation of a teacher, living with his wife and children. Sections of this page. In Sri Vamana Kalpa it is seen —.

Sri Ananta Das Babaji

When the mode of goodness increases, sleep dzs conquered, along with the modes of passion and indolence. Everyone there can show you the place.

On the other hand, a person who desires tqttva be known as a Guru may have many virtues, like high birth and so on, but if he does not have the above mentioned characteristics, he will not be counted amongst the bona fide Gurus. Gurudev will reveal to us the information and the reality of this form.

Stavavali 1 and 2. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This human body is the adya, the root cause of all welfare, and sukalpa, expert in accomplishing its goal.

Dada where can we contact you in delhi to buy mantras baba ji books.

Like Liked by 1 person. Notify me of new comments via email. Requesting your goodself to kindly elaborate the availability and price in Indian Rupees of the following books by Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj: The first three of the 64 items of bhajana that are described by Srimat Rupa Gosvamipada are guru padasrayas tasmat krishna dikshadi sikshanam visrambhena guroh seva Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu 1.

What would you suggest? With each one of those forms, the Lord enjoys pastimes with a single individual liberated soul. Just go to his ashram building at Radhakund.

Any helpful advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.