Jo Ramsay’s GURPS Screampunk () is one of those books I wouldn’t have known existed unless someone had mentioned it to me. GURPS Screampunk *OSI (Steve Jackson Games) [Jo Ramsay, Laura Waters, Alain H. Dawson, Andrew Hackard] on *FREE* shipping on. GURPS Screampunk has 22 ratings and 0 reviews: Published March 1st by Steve Jackson Games, 32 pages, Paperback.

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It is an Age of Steam; the most brilliant minds of the age experiment with novel, wondrous ideas — but is mankind ready for such power? John rated it liked it Jul 26, They murdered people carefully, to keep the bodies in good condition and sold corpses to the local medical schools on a no questions asked basis.

Unfortunately, he turned out to be a drunk who had to gjrps quickly dispatched before he revealed the plan to his drinking friends. Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc. After all, where would the genre be without the pale innocent heroine, the sinister servant, the debauched aristocrat, or the vengeful scientist? Dan Gabrielson rated it liked it Nov 03, Therefore absolute technology corrupts absolutely.

It is an Age of Revolution; the world has been cruelly purged… in fire, and blood, and steam.

GURPS Screampunk

It is an Age of Revolution; the world has been cruelly purged. Instead, the NPC stereotypes had a much shorter format, with a brief description, suggested advantages and disadvantages, and a typical quote. Grashtel added it Apr 03, Matthew Robinson rated it really liked it Oct 23, From the guurps, untold horrors wait to clutch at men’s souls.


The ominous shadows of the past loom over the present. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. No Web Links Found.

Mixing genres has a lot in common with cooking; when it works, the results look spectacular and taste great! Sinister villains plot to use their newfound inventions against society, nature, and even God Himself! They take up valuable space. Initially, the society was not a great success, but its fortunes improved when Thomas Telford, the Scottish engineer who built the Menai Bridge, and a man of many influential contacts, was able to secure a royal charter.

Pyramid: Designer’s Notes: GURPS Screampunk

This will allow him to carry out a series of increasingly daring thefts, including that of official information that he will sell to the French!

Desperate not to lose track of his plan, Blandell arranged for a disreputable surgeon friend to transplant one of the man’s hands onto Pine, a minion who believed he was getting “new fingerprints. Will you stand against the darkness? Grave robbing was a profitable and widespread phenomenon — to combat this, people added extra security features and traps to their tombs, as well as employing security guards in graveyards.

In addition, the hand adds footnotes to telegrams of its own accord, some of which actually point obliquely to Blandell as his murderer. The ITU was an international forum, holding conferences across the globe where experts from many states could meet and discuss common issues. Any GM who has ever tried to run a game in a particularly exotic or unusual backdrop with players who weren’t interested in absorbing pages of game-history will be familiar with the problem.


Real-world Victorian scientific institutions – and the mobs that opposed them.

GURPS ScreamPunk

At this time, different countries used their own systems and telegraph codes, so the lines could not cross national boundaries without being decoded, transcribed, and formally handed over at frontiers.

Caleb added it Feb 17, GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: It laid down rules for standardized equipment to guarantee interconnection, and standard tariff and accounting rules. One of the telegraph operators from a remote station was kidnapped and blackmailed into agreeing to substitute messages. GURPS Steampunk — This book combines the mood of cyberpunk with the setting of an alternate Industrial Age, where computers run on steam power, walking colossi stalk the battlefields, flying ironclads rule the skies, and science is the new frontier.