“GURPS Gun Fu has everything you need for action-packed cinematic GURPS gunplay: A description and explanation of what the gun fu genre is and how to. Rules · Subscriptions · Bookmarks · Search · Account · Moderators. RPG Item: GURPS Gun Fu» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. GURPS 4e – Basic Set – , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e – Basic Set GURPS 4e – Gun , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e.

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Also I’d like to propose Shadowrun. Jumping through windows firing a pair of pistols is standard practice.

GURPS Gun Fu | House Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

Jak is a black belt in Gun Fu, with a favorite technique being a combination of his jumping spin kick with the Blaster or the Vulcan Fury. Submit a gyn text post.

Kenichi’s fatherof all people, is capable of some of this; he managed to reload a ggurps shotgun with one hand, something that resident weapons master Shigure said wasn’t possible. This is probably a common request but I have no idea what kind of game would support this kinda thing naturally.

Justice’s weapons are a pair of six-shooters while Afro’s father wields the BFS that Afro wields in the present.


Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. His “True to John Woo” entry, Icarusfeatures two guys who blast it out with ffu in classic Heroic Bloodshed style in a church.

This is especially pronounced during the club guh, where he kills his way through a lot of guys at close range, point-blanking them so as not to risk hitting the bystanders surrounding him. A half-dozen styles for gunfighters.

Vash, Wolfwood and the Gung-ho Guns in particular. I’m not sure how Feng Shui compares to it, but the Dhampir book for Kindred of the East from White Wolf did some fun ultra violent guns and demon powers stuff, without just being a vampire game.


Although not quite as flashy as most examples since it’s Neon Genesis Evangelionthe epitome of not really being awesome, Misato’s big scene in End of Evangelion involves her gunning down a whole squad of JSSDF guys while running at a dead sprint before bashing the remaining guy into a wall with her gun and then shooting him point blank.

The complete bibliography is online, with links burps every referenced book, movie, gurrps. The Martial Arts stuff can be easily made to build whatever sort of combat style you want or tweak the existing ones to be based on different weapons, then you can use them as Foci in SWN Revised. The third edition lumps everything from the Gun Bunny and Kensei lists into the “Combat Technique” attribute. Those who are truly skilled, and idiots. Guns Akimbo for both hands and feet is the standard loadout.

Thanks for the suggestion! Maggie Cheung’s character in Heroic Trio fights with a shotgun and a machine gun in two scenes, wielding them as if they were swords. In all seriousness though, how attached is the game to it’s billed setting? Spike’s battles with F in Cowboy Bebop seem to fit in under this as well. Compare Implausible Fencing Powersjust with swords. In a Meta manner, while it doesn’t influence your visuals, ‘Dexterity’ is an extremely useful stat to have with any range powers.

Ironically, her long-ranged combat is almost nonexistent. Basically I am looking for something in the vein of Cowboy Bebop or Final Fantasy games like 7, 13, or Total Overdosea Robert Rodriguez homage, becomes progressively more Gun Fu oriented as maximum ugrps increases. Gum above image is licensed under GPL 2. Big Boss and the Gurls of Metal Gear series developed a form of CQC that integrates a knife into a gun-holding stance, where the practitioner will hold a combat knife in the last two fingers of their off-hand, with the thumb and other two fingers still on the gkrps as normal this produces some off grips on some rifles where just adding the knife with the off-hand where it normally goes would result in it stabbing the magazine; in Metal Gear Solid 4we can see Snake using a sort-of claw grip to prevent this problem with his M4 and AK The time travel aspect of Feng Shui 2 works really well, in my opinion, to allow you to have adventures in different time periods, matching different genres of action movie.


Gun Fu – TV Tropes

Below are some clips and examples of scenes that showcase the kinda feel I am going for, especially fy Bladerunner clip. Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann does this with her Sniper Rifle using it as a staff to take out the beastmen surrounding her during one episode as well as in the movie.

The whole acrobat range of gurpx are unlocked from the beginning, and the majority of sidequests are intended to introduce and exercise the skills. I heard Feng Shui does this, but havne’t played it. As we got into it, I started pulling in some of the official setting – the corporation was a front for sorcerers, who were using the gang to seize control of Feng Shui sites – but I could have left that out and the system still would have worked for exactly what you described – martial arts, gunplay, and maybe a bit of ki-blasting in the modern city streets.

He guurps one of the idiots. Of course, a character could gurs pick up a plasma tongue repeater or two, which are magic revolver flamethrowers.

In battle, Machinists regularly perform flips, twirls, and turps acrobatic feats, all while shooting their guns and deploying Magitek weapons to attack their opponent. Your guns will break if you bash them into people to much, of course you could just grab melee hardening as a mod and go to town, there is a unique pleasure in bashing a elf over the head gueps blowing a hole in the head of an ork Exalted has the Righteous Devil Style.

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