A mixture of science fiction and folktale, past and future, primitive and present- day Thunderous and touching.” –Financial Times. The extraordinary literary debut of Salman Rushdie. Flapping Eagle is a young Axona Indian gifted with immortal life after drinking an elixir from his wayward. Praise for Salman Rushdie’s Grimus “A fireworks of a book: beautiful, funny, and endlessly surprising.” —Ursula K. Le Guin “A mixture of science fiction and.

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Though it was his first booknot a good book at all to get introduced to his work. As is typical of Rushdie the divisions of characteristics distinguishing the polarities of this pair are traumatised and blurred as these characters are structurally and literally paired, blended and unified within the text.

Keep your eyes open and your wits sharp so you don’t miss too much.

It’s difficult to identify themes that that he would come back to so it’s best to just look russhdie this as it comes. I have to say that this novel didn’t give the best reading experience for me, knowing what his other books were like.

Grimus Reader’s Guide

Published September 30th by Random House Trade first published Amongst other influences Rushdie incorporates Sufi, Hindu, Christian and Norse mythologies alongside pre- and post-modernist literature into his construction of character and narrative form. Overall, I guess I should say that I appreciate reading the book not for its contents, but for the fact that it provides an insight to the other novels Rushdie have written which I enjoyed reading.

Love Rushdie, but this is not his best. And, truth be told, literary fiction as read voluntarily is kind of a salamn engagement for me though my initial choice to try Gri For an author who I’ve heard of spoken in such reverent tones for so long before finally acclimating myself to, my first exposure to Salman Rushdie ‘s work was not at all revelatory.


Revelation that the great Salman Rushdie isn’t good enough a writer to write SF. I can appreciate the idea and concept behind the story, but everything about it was just Add in some mystery, a dash of scientific magic and human interest and shake it all together for a book that caught my interest from the start and never let it go.

Jul 02, Agnieszka rated it really liked it.

Jun 09, Maria gimus it it was amazing. Do you deny that by choosing a man similar in appearance to myself I estimated exactly the effect of such a man on Virgil and on the town K? Salman Rushdie’s celebrated debut novel remains as powerful and as haunting as when it was first published more than thirty years ago. Rushdie raises some interesting questions in this book about human nature, spirituality, and cultural isolation. Additionally, there is the character of Grimus, who seems to be the only one who knows how Flapping Eagle could eventually die.

Writers become critics or publicists. I wonder why he chose this genre for his first outing.

Grimus by Salman Rushdie

Apr 20, Josie Shagwert rated it did not like it. The story loosely follows Flapping Eagle, a young Indian who receives the gift of immortality after drinking a magic fluid.

Oct 30, Adam Sidsworth rated it liked it. I think the answers to all are both “yes” as well as “no. After drinking the fluid, Flapping Eagle wanders the earth for years 7 months and 7 days, searching for his immortal sister and exploring identities before falling through a hole in the Mediterranean Sea.


Grimus – Salman Rushdie

I think that Rushdie may have been going for somewhere between gothic and grand guignol in this novel, and to some degree he’s managed it, but at the expense of any warmth or engaging characters. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Retrieved from ” https: Aug 27, Christine rated it really liked it.

Perhaps he hadn’t yet considered magic realism. When, only one page from the end of the novel, Flapping Eagle finally does something Grimus does not want, it is almost too unexpected to the reader as well. I can not forget this book no matter how hard I try and for me, that means it’s a damn good book. The most remarkable thing about Grimus?

View all 10 comments. Towards the end of Grimuswhen he confronts his doppelganger at Grimushome, he appears to show a smidgeon of initiative. As Pavithra Narayanan puts it: That’s both a criticism and a praise, because the truth is that Rushdie does display great skill in rushdle this novel, but his willingness to force readers to work harder than they should in order to identify this skill is little more than ego-stroking.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Flapping Eagle himself has to control himself in order to complete his quest. Having read a couple of Rushdie’s most acclaimed books before this one I expected “the usual” Rushdie style.