Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory: A Domain Independent Constructivist Model of Human Knowing. Bernard Scott. Centre for Educational Technology and . The model in question is partof the conversation theory (CT) of Gordon Pask. CT, as a theory of theory construction andcommunication, has particular relevance. Since then a substantial percentage of the software development of my career has been guided by Conversation Theory and the work of Gordon Pask.

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Computers seemed a more likely substrate for thinking conversafion thinking, and in this domain Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert, talking symbolic programming and artificial intelligence, were kings. My colleagues and I have argued that conventional computer-based training CBT provides nothing by way of stimulation for the author; it is merely content repository consisting of whatever the subject matter expert might wish to say about a domain.

I had previously been steeped in all the hardware and software and concepts that MIT could offer; and in a matter of months, nothing was more interesting than what Gordon had. Should I give you the same answer no matter what the previous question was?

A primary authoring activity is that of composing gorrdon explanations.

Conversation Theory (Gordon Pask) –

They lectured in tag-team format, one of them punching out an idea until psak was on the ropes, then the other guy stepping in to take care of the next one. Then, when the individual student performs a further navigating action, the software can respond to that individual based on that history. The User History consists of, among other details, cnoversation record of terms used by the user and the system, topics and explanations shown and the current context of conversation.

In this paper I revisit my excitement in learning a theory that gave immediate prescriptions for the construction of training systems and adaptive, personalized information browsers. These structures exist in a variety of different levels depending upon the extent of the relationships displayed. The color of the sky is blue.

He subsumes this complexity by designating participants A, B, etc.

Retrieved from ” https: Later I learned that Heinz von Foerster had laid the groundwork for this, with the application of Eigen functions to model the stable processes of the nervous system. Any two concepts can produce the xonversation, shown as the cyclic form of three concepts note that the arrows should show that BOTH T1 and T2 are required to produce T3; similarly for generating T1 or T2 from the others.


Many stories were prologue to his appearance.

THOUGHTSTICKER · Conversation Theory Software · Gordon Pask

Background of Gordon Pask. And most useful of all, given where I was at that moment, I could read his papers and write code. By extension, once process models such as workflow are easily made robust and available, corporations at least will be interested in software-based models of their goals as well as their processes.

Conversation theory is a cybernetic and dialectic framework that offers a scientific theory to explain how interactions lead to “construction of knowledge”, or “knowing”: Both were right, but the Foundation chose against taking any risk, and declined funding.

Conversation theory as developed by Pask originated from this cybernetics framework and attempts to explain learning in both living organisms and machines.

The Conversation Theory developed by G. Reflected light of a particular wavelength. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from August Articles with permanently dead external links. The diamond shape denotes analogy and can exist between any three topics because of the shared meanings and differences.

He worked to build unifying bridges between the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. PaskChapter 9 discusses the application of conversation theory to a medical diagnosis task diseases of the thyroid. It is not possible to give the software full justice in print; other explanations available elsewhere partially remedy this fault.

Then I heard about Jerry Lettvin, an M. The logic of a system that made fewer mistakes over time, finding the shortest path to the goal, was fascinating to me.

The fundamental idea of the theory was that learning occurs through conversations about a subject matter which serve to make knowledge explicit.

There was insufficient storage flexible, not hard disk in those days, or RAM in the mini-computer to allow for electronic display of a subject matter, but this was no discouragement to the implementors.


Conversations held in noisy bars, straining to hear. The simplification has a number of aspects.

Goron became a student of Pask as no doubt countless others had begun: Conversation theory describes interaction between two or more theoryy systems, such as a teacher and a student or distinct perspectives within one individual, and how they engage in a dialog over a given concept and identify differences in how they understand it. The User Model can be configured by the author, the user, or by the results of a pre-test.


In order to facilitate learning, Pask argued that subject matter should be represented in the form of structures which show what is to be learned. A succinct account of these operators is presented in Pask [6] Amongst many insights he points out that three indexes are required for concurrent execution, two for parallel and one to designate a serial process.

Thepry would depend on 3 theorg, here described in the original words of the materials 19 prepared for dissemination in This process can be focused by having the author indicate areas to extend or areas to avoid.

Rapp and Ocnversation, It comes from the Greek word meaning steersman. Entailment mesh topics that appear in the text that is, phrases in the content that represent or name topics are hyperlinks. Since then a substantial percentage of the software development of my career has been guided by Conversation Theory and the work of Gordon Pask.

And that is where I found my place: Pask clnversation two different types of learning strategies: In Cybernetic Serendipityed. Pazk Commentary toward the end of Pask, [6] he states:. Hans Lukas Teuber, talking psychology with stories of Conrad Lorenz and the goslings, was most entertaining. Back This is an entire topic in itself.

Then based on variables particular to the individual user, as explained later, the system chooses one concept as the basis for displaying additional content.

My point here is that, if taken seriously as a modeling tool for systems such as corporations and families and project teams, this architecture of conversations could become the basis of an innovation in software.

The critical method of learning according to Conversation Theory is “teachback” in which one person teaches another what they have learned.