as Giovanni Lussu has recently put it, we have a conceptual model in which, The particular 5 G. Lussu, La lettera uccide, Viterbo, Nuovi Equilibri, 1 , p. Search results. 6 results for Books: “Giovanni Lussu” Montale. by Eugenio Montale and Copertina: Giovanni Lussu La lettera uccide. 1 Jan La lettera uccide: storie di grafica by Giovanni Lussu · gogna added: Structural Package Designs (Pepin Press Design Book Series) by Haresh Pathak.

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The images used here are from the slides shown by Lussu in his lecture.

The British anthropologist Jack Goody, in The domestication of the savage mind, Cambridge University Press, Cambridgefinally introduced a more correct model, which was revolutionary for its very simplicity [6]: For Leonard Bloomfield, father of the American linguistic tradition, things are not much different: Writing uccife not language, but merely a way of recording language by means of visible marks Language, To ask other lusssu questions about La lettera uccideplease sign up.

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Daniele Savasta marked it as to-read Aug 17, English translation by Karen Le Marquand 0. Chinese writing is finally starting to seem less bizarre and unreasonable than it was for the Eurocentric Doctor Johnson. In-depth scientific research is revealing previously unsuspected complexity in the great collections of stone and bone carvings from the Upper Palaeolithic age: The English language, with its twelve vowels for only five letters and with its infinite spelling exceptions, already poses a number of problems: Dave rated it it was ok Apr 01, I will conclude with a highly imaginative premonition by an author of whom I am particularly fond.

Alessandro Bellucci added it Jan 28, Marco Santopaolo added it Jan 08, And what use today is the illusory representation of spoken language? For Leonard Bloomfield, father of the American linguistic tradition, things are not much different:.

La lettera uccide

All those quibbling comparisons between the alphabetic system and the Chinese system are rendered futile by the evident operating efficiency of Chinese, with which it is possible to write excellent literature and at the same time manage sophisticated technology and for the Japanese, who use a more complex system, things are even more obvious.


Dick, known to the general giivanni for Blade runner and Minority report:. Aseriouswoman added it Aug 08, For thousands of years, since the age of classical Greek philosophy, we have upheld the idea that writing is simply the transcription of speech. Preview — La lettera uccide by Giovanni Lussu.

Return to Book Page. Writing is, above all, the representation of the spoken word; 2.

It contains exactly the same content, is equally ucfide and decipherable and has form lussk might describe as considerably richer and more suggestive. Stefania Trovarelli added it Feb 06, The reason may be that decisively associating a word with the form of its written representation is far more structured a system than has been believed, uuccide turns out to be an advantage from the point of view of the cognitive processes involved.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sara added it May 12, The colour of thoughts. Over the course of two and a half thousand years, not much has changed of this ideology. Words spoken are symbols or signs of affections or impression of the soul; written words are the signs of words spoken De interpretatione, 16a, 3—4.

A writing workshop I held a number of years ago for children lusssu the ages of 9 and 10, not yet completely subject to alphabetical prejudice, left me convinced once and for all of the extraordinary potential for new approaches. Open Preview See a Problem?

La lettera uccide by Giovanni Lussu

The issues for this discussion were summarized well in the two quatrains chosen by Pierre-Simon Fournier le jeune in for the opening of his Manuel typographiquereproduced here from the excellent edition of James Mosley. After a few days of working with the children, they were asked to think of words kettera could be written in way that represented their meaning.

By the beginning of the s, Ferdinand de Saussure, one of the great founders of modern linguistics, does not express himself very differently:. Though I have shown these results on numerous previous occasions, I still find them fascinating: In fact these are all conventions that have very little to do with spoken language; they have evolved independently and are part of a different, graphical, history. This theme was discussed by Lussu on several occasions see his book La lettera uccide Mattia Pedrazzoli rated it really liked it Apr 22, Sign in Get started.


9788872264881 La LETTERA UCCIDE – Di Giovanni Lussu (autore)

Typography is primarily writing with type, and even the Phaistos disc from the 3rd millennium bc [26] is undoubtedly typographic, having been made by pressing stamps into the clay, one for each different giovanhi, so that they are always the same. Of course, it is not possible to write everything with the Mexican system, but then we are not kussu to write everything with our alphabet and have to resort to specialised notations, in which the incidental presence of alphabetical symbols has no phonetic value at all [25], and without which science and technology would certainly not have got as far as the computer.

Before Egypt giovwnni learned to fasten together the reeds of her river, and when only the figures of birds, beasts, and other animals, carved in stone, preserved the utterances of her wise men. Jacopo rated it liked it Aug 25, Lists with This Book.

Danilo marked it as to-read Aug 21, It both vindicates the view of writing as a letgera of communication sui generis and opens up a future in which writing is the essential, systematically creative process and speech merely oral commentary on what writing has created.