Explore ‘Saxo’s legend of Amleth in the Gesta Danorum’, on the British Library’s website. Sacred Texts Index Northern European Index. The Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus. From “The Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus” . : Saxo Grammaticus (Volume 1): Gesta Danorum: The History of the Danes Saxo Grammaticus: The History of the Danes, Books I-IX: I. English.

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Important as this is as the earliest record of the history of the Danes, it has a much wider interest than that alone. I’d rate Davidson’s commentary at 4 stars. Histories of the Kings and heroes of the Danes, composed in elegant style by Saxo Grammaticus, a Zealander and also provost of the church of Roskildeover three hundred years ago, and now for the first time illustrated and printed correctly in a learned compilation.

Jul 27, Chris Moander rated it it was amazing. It is one of the major sources for the heroic and mythological traditions of northern Europe, though the complex Latin style and the wide In the early years of the thirteenth century the Danish writer Saxo Grammaticus provided his people with a History of the Danes, an account of their glorious past from the legendary kings and heroes of Denmark to the historical present.

Email alerts New issue alert. That particular people, the tribe of Dan from the Old Testament, who gave birth to the Jutes and the Angles to their south, and held the peninsula against challenges from land and sea, is a thrilling historical epic.

After marrying Skiod, Alfhild gives birth to a son, Gram, who inherits the virtues of his father. Janet Roberson rated it it was amazing Dec 06, After revealing, his disguise Groa agrees to marry Gram. There was a lot of singing, drinking, killing. The history of the Danes. Gesta Danorum consists of 16 books of which Nos. Deities and other figures. Open Preview See a Problem?


Gesta Danorum | work by Saxo Grammaticus |

Toon De rated it it was amazing Jan 17, It is also in this summary that the name Gesta Danorum is found. It is the most ambitious literary undertaking of medieval Denmark and is an essential source for the nation’s early history.

enlish Matt Hansen rated it liked it Jun 28, Here are the stories of Frode, Starkad and Ragner Lodbrok, made famous recently due to the show Viking. Gesta Danorum is a monumental medieval history of Denmarkwritten by a certain Saxo between c.

Books by Saxo Grammaticus. Margaret rated it liked it Apr 20, This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve.

The Danish History

His ability to write a sophisticated Latin style, considered unusual to admirable in his time and englieh to unintentionally funny today. Skiod slays Skat in that duel and thus subjugates Allemannia. The stories are less of the dealings of the gods as we find in the Eddas, and more with the legendary history of Denmark. However, his brother did englisy accept the result and faced a successful war against him, thus Humble was forced to abdicate and happily retired into a cabin.

Carlos Aguirre and Paulo Drinot. Among them was Ladgerda, a skilled amazon, who, though a maiden, had the courage of a man, and fought in front among the bravest with her hair loose over her shoulders. Don’t have an account? It is believed that Saxo then wrote Books 11, 12, and Saxo Grammaticus, Gesta Danorum, ed.

May 20, Joseph F. The book begins when the sons of HumbleDan and Angul the Fountain are ruling over the country, not as kings, but as governors. While riding through GotalandGram disguises himself as a giant and comes across Groa and her band of women. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.


The title Saxo himself used for his work is unknown. The commentary provides a useful tool for readers wishing to compare Saxo’s legends with the Old English, Icelandic ggesta German versions.

Danorum Regum heroumque Historiae stilo eleganti a Saxone Grammatico natione Zialandico necnon Roskildensis ecclesiae praeposito, abhinc supra trecentos annos conscriptae et nunc primum literaria serie illustratae tersissimeque impressae.

The ones who WON, any way. Although it dankrum the English we know from the King James’ bible, it still has its charm.

Gesta Danorum

Rethinking the Peruvian Experiment under Military Rule, ed. Jan 13, Monty Milne rated it liked it.

The sixteen books, in prose with an occasional excursion into poetry, can be categorized into two parts: Saxo was an intelligent and capable 12th century ecclesiastic whose writing has a certain colourful barbarism, Important as this is as the earliest record of the history of the Danes, it has a much wider interest than that alone.

In addition, Gesta Danorum offers singular reflections on European affairs in the High Middle Ages from a unique Scandinavian perspective, supplementing what has been handed down by historians from Western and Southern Europe.

In recent times, Gesta Danorum has emerged as the most danoum used title. The only drawback to the book is that the footnotes, although extensive and quite useful, are printed as a separate volume.

A unique view of Germanic mythology, history, and worldview.

If you need to read Saxo, then this is the edition to get. Gram grows up to be talented, as highlighted by many poems made after his death. When exactly Gesta Danorum was written is the subject of numerous works; however, it is generally agreed that Gesta Danorum was not englixh before