Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners GENERATIVE SHAPE DESIGN, WRAP CURVE, SURFACE. Feed · Sijo Varghese. 17 Mar, 3) Once you enter the Generative Shape Design you can see how the Structure Three has changed to Part.1; it also contains the basic structure: a) Reference. “The Generative Shape Design workbench allows you to quickly model both simple and Visit catiatutorial – YouTube for more details/tutorials.

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It can reuse a surface geometry linked to an existing surface providing master model design methodologies. After that type the name of part and I recommend ticking the box Create a geometrical set.

Creating a Mating Flange Bead Creating Extruded Surfaces Revolve Find Owning Selection Sets Transforming Elements from an Axis to Another Extrapolate Creating Adaptive Swept Surfaces Fill Manages links to other documents. Creating Revolution Volumes Multi-sections Volume Creating Plane Systems Rectangular Pattern Allows the creation of local axis-system. Creating Offset Surfaces Variable Offset Allows to make documents publicly available.


Standard and advanced surface features include extrude, revolute, sweep, including segment and circleoffset including skin and fill.

Generative Shape Design Menu Bar

The Generaitve capability is improved with the addition of wireframe function. Creating Rectangular Patterns Circular Pattern Creating a Sew Surface Thickness Creating Chordal Fillets Styling Fillet Transforming Geometry by Scaling Affinity Restoring a Surface Disassemble Healing Geometry Curve Smooth Help to design advanced shapes that are based on a combination of wireframe and extensive multiple surfaces.

These include wireframe elements: Creating Edge Fillets Variable Fillet Creating a Thick Surface Close Surface Shapes can be designed using the shap and assembly context.

Creating Cylindrical Surfaces Offset Allows Managing Geometrical Sets. Extracting Geometry Multiple Extract Creating Polar Extremum Elements. To be an experimented user of module Generative Shape Design, you must work many hours creating, modifying and using parts in this module.

We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Creating a Diabolo Hole GSD can reuse the same surface geometry in multiple instances, allowing concurrent engineering to take place. All Except Selected Elements.

CATIA V5-6R2016 drives higher Design excellence

Under-constrained designs are allowed and over-constrained designs can also be created. An assistant helps create and modify wireframe elements in a 2D environment.


Creating Fill Surfaces Multi-sections Surface When design changes are required, the user can control the propagation of modifications. Creating a Shell Sew Surface Flexible post-design 3D parameterization can be performed during the creation of a feature or after the design is completed, by adding 3D constraints to the features.

See Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets. Is important at first to know all commands and what they can do.

Comments Very useful and simple example…. Note that most of the edit commands available here are common facilities offered with the Infrastructure.

See Deleting Useless or Unreferenced Elements. Joining Curves and Surfaces Healing If you know all this things and can think like an engineer you will be very impressed by the complexity of the GSD module.