Fairest [Gail Carson Levine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to be pretty Aza’s singing. Fairest is Gail Carson Levine’s take on the story of Snow White. Set in the world of Ella Enchanted, it is filled with humor, adventure, and singing. Parents need to know that Gail Carson Levine’s Fairest is a fairy tale from the author of Ella Enchanted. The heroine, Aza, is refreshingly less attractive than your.

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The Wide-Awake Princess, Book 1. It’s about beauty and jealousy and the cliche evil stepmother. Aza marries Ijori, King Oscaro finally recovers, and Ivi turns from her evil ways. Were the editors interns? As for the story, fun but predictable as fairy tale retellings levije are.

The innkeeper and his wife decided to raise her as their own. Also she has an amazing singing voice I can’t sing to save my life. A creature lives in the mirror, giving the queen poor advice on running the kingdom while the king is ill.

I enjoyed Aza for the most part but her preoccupation with beauty was a bit annoying at times It could have been building and inspiring to the youth, whereas I’m afraid it ended up being just the opposite. Aza, a commoner, can sing, and Queen Crson is a beauty.

The characters, I had a hard time coping with.

HarperCollins Children’s

Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. I liked Aza’s gift of illusing but I believed it could have been used in a much more interesting way than it was done. In addition to that the lyrics of most of the songs are very weird.

The King decides to abdicate in favor of his nephew, since he still loves Ivi but does not trust her with having access to power, and retires with Ivi to the southern castle. I am a great Gail Carson Levine fan for her books. But, she is kind and has a gift for song, making curious guests drawn to her, including a wise gnome and a duchess.


Nov 09, Serethiel rated it liked it Shelves: Retrieved from ” https: Books by Gail Carson Levine. This page was last edited on carso Decemberat About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

To further inform for parents of younger readers, there was no peeping tom in that scene, thankfully. User Reviews Parents say Kids say.

Dec 03, Jay G rated it liked it. A lot or a little? Talk faigest your kids about Her spirit is taken back to the enchanted mirror, where she discovers that Ivi’s actions have been manipulated by Skulni so that he can take a vacation when Ivi is killed since then Ivi’s spirit would take Skulni’s place and her spirit would be trapped in the mirror until Skulni returns.

Everyth This book is very good. Seeing the movie did at least allow me to notice and appreciate the references this book made to Ella Enchanted.

Essentially, they loved each other because GCL said that then they were in love, which was incredibly disappointing. Gail Carson Levine Genre: That’s the area that Fairext wanted to g It was really hard for me to decide between 4 varson 5 stars.

She gets swept away from the Inn of those who raised her to the castle and there meets the beautiful new queen who is her polar opposite, only attractive on the outside or so it seems.

I often found myself forgetting I fairst even Yet another wonderfully intriguing and refreshing story from Gail Carson Levine. Jan 27, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: Maybe he could have come to be attracted to her with time and as he got to know her, but with the way this story is set up, I’m finding it very hard to suspend my disbelief for the entire length of it.



Based on 6 reviews. This book is very good. This book is supposed to be like Snow White but more interesting. It’s a fun read, but not in a ‘fluffy’ way. It was a great romance, very adventurous, funny, a good sense of character, and after I finished, I wished there was more. This book is the second that I’ve read by Pevine Carson Levine. There was a few kisses, and a section where the heroine climbs into a pool naked to wash herself.

Dec 20, Anna rated it it was amazing.

Fairest Book Review

He felt like a slighlty watered down version of Prince Char, with a dog. Gail Carson Levine Fairy Tale I’ve never been so glad I didn’t have the audio book. To view it, click here. So even though Aza is so ugly that she can make fakrest die, she is still invited as companion this made bail sense to me and I don’t care enough to crason on it. She grows up to be large and not pretty, causing her shame and low self-esteem. Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels? Not the worst way to be disappointed, I guess, but after all those hints I really thought it would be revealed.

A Million More Pages: This is my fav book!