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Thus, new imaging approaches are needed to overcome this issue. Our outcomes were the qualitative descriptions of maternal experiences with neonatal jaundice.

Biology, Geography & Health Research: Chapter

A novel scheme for abnormal cell detection in Pap smear images. Methods This prospective study has been performed on babies with idiopathic jaundice beginjers a four year period at Ghaem hospital, Mashhad, Iran. An interpretation of the cause of resistance to wetting in Florida soils. We studied the results of routine urine samples in infants with prolonged jaundice.

An interactive educational training set for echocardiographers. Jaundice is a yellowish pigmentation of skin and mucous membranes caused by hyperbilirubinemia, which itself has various causes. The initial laboratory evaluation should include fractionated bilirubin, a complete blood count, mukaifa transaminase, aspartate transaminase, alkaline phosphatase,?

Moreover, we performed for the first time to the best of our knowledge a comparative study of optoacoustic arterial oximetry and a standard pulse oximeter in humans and demonstrated superior performance of the optoacoustic arterial oximeter, in particular at low blood flow.


An international outbreak of Salmonella infections caused by Alfalfa sprouts grown from contaminated seed. The dyserythropoiesis was clinically insignificant in all 5 cases and resolved. Begiinners jj rats exhibited lower body weights at all ages and a hyperactivity that resolved at 17—20 months of age.

This computer program could improve instruction by providing more time to students and instructors for other activities. In this study, we propose an automated white blood cell differential counting system from bone marrow smear images using a dual-stage convolutional neural network CNN. Clocking and velocity mismatch smear are two of the key factors in inducing image smear.

An interspecific beglnners as a tool to study phylogenetic relationships in plants using the GISH technique. In the game, players had to find and tag as many parasites as possible in beglnners minute.

The Hippocratic Corpus has numerous appearances of the condition, where its etiology, description, prognosis, and treatment are provided. A year-old young man with a history of swollen leg and intermittent jaundice was presented to Peking Union Medical College Hospital with acute fever and mental disturbance. An interpretation of subloading t sub ij model in the context of conventional elastoplasticity theory.

An interferometric method for measuring the principal indices of small crystals. Images indicated stenosis of the common bile duct, common hepatic duct, and cystic duct, which caused dilation of bile ducts and the gall bladder.

A more extensive evaluation may include additional cancer screening, biliary imaging, autoimmune antibody assays, and liver biopsy. An international perspective on organizing people at risk for AIDS at the community level.

After detailed investigation failed to reveal a cause of the jaundicean empiric trial of steroids was initiated on the possibility that our patient had antibody-negative AIH and not DILI, with an associated grave prognosis. An interactive computer model to teach pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of muscle relaxants. Therefore, the need for automation of leukemia detection has arisen. This research tests the feasibility of a crowdsourced approach to malaria image analysis.


An interesting outbreak of yeast spoilage in salad dressing. An interdisciplinary approach is critical for successful crop management research in the Northeast.

Their legs and feet were imaged. In the proposed approach, a single T1-map scout was used to measure the myocardial and blood T1 using a MOdified Look-Locker Inversion recovery MOLLI protocol and all protocol parameters were automatically calculated from these values within the sequence thereby simplifying the user interface.

Serum calcium level before and after 24 hours of initiating phototherapy was 8. They may also help in the interpretation of some morphological features and may serve as learning and survey tools. Following exclusion of other common causes for cholestasis, the patient was considered to have a symptomatic AAA. An interesting infestation of garden beans by Hypera meles Fab. These materials could be safely stored without interfering with DNA extraction for up to 3 months.

An interference microscope for the study of inhomo-geneous media.

Moby Multiple Language Lists of Common Words by Grady Ward

Ontology-based malaria parasite stage and species identification from peripheral blood smear images. An interesting new genus of iceryine coccid.

An international taxonomic register Preliminary proposals. An interim classification of New Zealands active faults for the mitigation of surface rupture hazard. An interchromosomal duplication within the dystrophin gene.