The Fujifilm GA Professional is an autofocus medium format camera include (P) programmed auto, (A) aperture priority, and (M) manual. U FUJIFILM. GA/ GAW. Professional. ลาว. Professional. TO E. m m. ( GA Professional. OWNER’S MANUAL. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the service manual for the GAzi? Butkus only has the Use Manual and I would quite.

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Working with this camera is a breeze. Filter use requires compensation really easy to do though as the metering is through the finder. Mid-roll rewind is possible with a button on the base of the camera. The settings are very basic and easy to use.

Click pictures for larger versions. If fiddling fujifilmm settings and dealing with medium-format heft are stopping you from shooting summer squares, then it’s time to get acquainted with the Lomo LC-A Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams.

Exposure modes include P programmed auto, A aperture priorityand M manual exposure mode.

FUJIFILM GA645 Professional

The LCD display located on the top has information such as exposure counter, shutter, aperture, ISO, or film, battery, flash, exposure comp, self timer, MF mode, date, mabual, focusing distance and total frame count.


I like the Fuji GA, it provides substantially more resolution than format cameras, which will show up when making large vujifilm, or looking at your images on a 5k screen. Name ; Fuji GA Professional. The next dial is for selecting either ISO, Program mode, fujjfilm priority, and full manual operation.

Background blur is harsh in the corners. Snap up a roll now! Introduced near the end of the 50s, this medium format SLR was the brainchild of a then-known camera manufacturer from Germany. Retrieved from ” http: Please login to leave a comment.

The middle button is for the self timer. This is done by a reflector sensor in the film chamber detects the presence of film or paper.

It is succeeded by the Fujifilm GAireleased in Build material ; appears to be a mixture of metal and plastic. All dimensions include protrusions.


Just visible is the gray colored MF button located under the lens. Apparently, according to several internet postssome sort of factory lubricant used near the up-down dial has crept about, and is causing the problem.

There is a built-in pop-up flash with a GN of The small little button to the right manua, is for mid-roll rewind. The large up-down dial wheel is for adjusting settings like aperture, ISO shutter speed etc, oddly, it goes down when turned clock wise, that seems counter-intuitive.


GAW image by nik.

The data info is red for a positive image, but it will be bluish green when viewed as a negative. The camera is powered by 2x CRA battery located on the base of the handgrip. Focal length ; 60mm.

FujiFilm GA645 Owner’s Manual

The film back is wrapped in a leatherette type material and has a film reminder memo holder for film box tops. However there is also a hotshoe and exposure compensation to connect more sophisticated flash systems. It also supports fully automatic film loading.

On the left we have the battery cover that holds two CRa lithium batteries, with access by coin slot screw. S attack – awesome! Quite sharp with plenty of contrast here, even along the sides.