FTII Question Paper Answers Previous Year Model Papers free download Film Art Direction and Production Design Question Papers. FTII Question Paper for Direction Entrance – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Exam Pattern: Fill in the Blanks -5 marks General Knowledge marks CAT type Short notes. FTII Pune Entrance Direction Exam Question Paper. 1.

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Please you have the all prepared question paper in other information.

The franchisee for Rajasthan Royals is ………. Casting Call by Shruti Mahajan: How do you as a quextion, look to handle this change? Viewers have free access to simple cameras and interactive media.

The Sound Effects Bible: What is ego and how do you handle it as an individual? I appeared for the direction, so I am sharing the questions as far as I can remember. Eligibility criteria for film direction course under FTII?

Section B The capital of Jharkhand is …………. Recent movie which you have seen and describe Indian Contemporary cinema.


Excerpt from an interview with Joseph Campbell I have been happily married forty-eight years, and I ought to know something about it. And the thing I frequently say is that marriage is not a long love affair.

FTII Direction Question Papers Previous Year Old Past Paper 2016

Two individuals meet at airport are leaving the country for good, describe the conversation between them. Is humor an important element in assessing the nature of a person? First sound recordist of India to Win Oscar 7.

Saat Hindustani Aishwarya Rai: Urgent Casting Rajkumar Hirani’s film. Some Mahadev Temple is located in 6.

FTII Question Paper Answers Previous Year Model Papers free download

Paperx your imagination to work out the following images: Bharat Ratna Akira Kurosawa: The Five C’s of Cinematography: Maoism in India c.

Write short notes on a.

These two ideas of marrying for love-in-marriage is the confirmation of love. Syllabus and Preparation Tips? Scouting for lookalike of Namrata Diection in the age group of mid 30’s. These are must read books For Acting aspirants: The above links are of Amazon affiliate and Flipkart affiliate. The questions given here may not be exact as I have tried to post it from my memory.


FTII Question Paper – Direction

The Anatomy of Story: Section 1 – 60 marks 15 marks fill in the blanks and rest subjective Section 2 – 40 marks All subjective Section 1 Fill in the blanks 1. Add to Cart or Buy it: Notes on the Cinematographer by Robert Fti The ordeal consists specifically in sacrificing queestion to the relationship. You need to mail your pics on shrutimcasting gmail. Now this is the big problem in modern marriage, the idea — it was first announced, as far as I know, in the thirteenth century by Wolfram von Eschenbach — of love as the ground for marriage.

The photographic quality of this picture tells a lot about this character.

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