Fritzel FB HF Beam. Read more.. Availability: Out of stock. Backorder possible . € This is not a stock item. Please send an email for expected delivery. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen ±50mm ohne praktische Beam ist von FB FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ.

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When we moved to our new QTH I set up this tower at the side of the house near the front door to get the maximum height allowed here. There are baluns for even more power in the market.

Deswegen tut sich auch kaum etwas wenn die Antennen gedreht werden 73 Peter. Specs given by the manufacturer seem a litle exagerated though.

Amateurfunk Forum • Elementabstände Fritzel FB33

The power was also limited to W PA input. I had something to do the next day. The windings with Teflon insulation remained intact. It has been through some very rough storms at my location without any problems.

My proposal fix not tried is to add two extra screws at degree each to the other so to distribute the stress along the circumference insulator”. This lightweight square tower went down with the antennas in a light storm during the evening of December 28th in I used it on quads overe there and it was wonderful. The traps are made with soft aluminium wire. Mein Beam stammt von etwa fritzdl Hierbei verarbeiten wir, bzw. Can hear things like never before. Der Begriff reicht weit und umfasst praktisch jeden Umgang mit Daten.


StrahlerReflektorAbstandalles mm ich habe keine 7,80 hier in den Unterlagen.

At this moment they have decided that the SteppIR is an excessive antenna and I may be forced to remove it and get me a smaller antenna name one that does 6 to 40 mtr with a smaller diameter or surface!

After fritzwl careful inspection of the situation, in the dark with a flashlight, I saw that the connection between the two pipes had collapsed and the upper pipe was on the roof and the antennas…….

Where to put them: The arrays are built extremely well and perform nicely. Begin heb ik, door een bedrijfsongeval, de tijd gevonden om te gaan leren voor radiozendamateur. This can be the reason for future failure or reduced efficiency.

The fritzsl case will be overlooked by my attorney and the man from city counsil gb33 I have to wait and till then I can use my antennas for as long as possible.

In principle, a trap is a capacitance in parallel with a coil.

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Es sind 18 Seiten, aber alle brauchst Du nicht. It’s in use for about 3 years now and the only problem I had was with the optional Fritzel balun that got full of water about a year ago. Die Abmessungen der verschiedenen Versionen sind hier zu finden: Because of the bad weather and time of the year I frktzel made plans for the new antennas, considering the new toy in the shack, the Yaesu FT which was coming in a few weeks.


Use a soap pad. Be carefull with power over Watt as the traps tend to blow. Because weather the grey colour of the caps become almost white. In contrast to the contact of coil with tube, is visual inspection of the connection to the rod antenna not to perform.

If only the tip of the plastic coil form is applied with some silicone grease you ensure that the construction remains “water resistant”. This can be useful in detecting a defect if on a particular band the SWR of your antenna is not good anymore. All high Quality 2mm thick wall alu. In April the new Friitzel set arrived and now I had to make a fritel.

Furthermore I found in my archives the lengths between the elements of an FB, whose production year is firtzel to fb3. In top a small dual band for 2 meter and 70cm horizontal.