Used Fostex FEE Loudspeakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Find great deals for Fostex FEE Full Range Speaker (pair). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Shown is an example of a FEE bass re- flex type enclosure. • The stand serves as both speaker stand and bass reflex duct (port). • Packed sand or other fill.

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The speaker boxes were put together by a neighbor using 18 mm MDF. The finish of the Unity loaner models varies and gives some evidence of how Unity handles aesthetics. This 25 liter bookshelf captured the heart of many that listened to it. They are LOUD with only a few watts driving them, produce good bass and excellent mids and highs. Vocals are focused, full bodied and warm. To give you some idea: The purists loathe multiple drivers and the whole string of complications to follow – crossover network that might induce phase- and time-alignment problems take the obvious blame.

Auditioning and comparing three loudspeakers seemed to be unduly ambitious and ear-boggling at first.

The Whitewater is in Cherry veneer and the Inner Spirit serene white is hand-finished multi-coated enamel varnished with clear top coat – not top-notch craftsmanship but still good decent value. Long story short, some time in October of last year, I received some cables from a friend who said the designer of these cables wanted me to evaluate them. The latest Omega models have relocated their resonance ports to the rear and shifted from Fostex to HempCone drivers, which reportedly “prefer more powerful amps”.


Yet his passion lies in music, which had him start his DJ service company in Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here.

People who can make music sound right usually go a long way in their audio expeditions too. The back panel had heavy speaker sound absorbing vinyl glued over its surface and the box was lined with a single layer of thick Dacron tontine. Omer continued his story. Bass is not boomy and bloated. I wasn’t prepared for single drivers then and reneged to a quasi-single driver, quasi-crossoverless design. The drawing pretty much describes everything one needs to know about the design.

Fostex FE167E Fullrange Speaker Driver

Later on, he naturally branched out into music recording. Was I less prepared for a single driver now than 30 months ago? This review page is supported in part by the sponsor whose ad is displayed above. They are a foztex reflex design with the port on the front or the back and are properly tuned for this driver. The other single driver used on the, um – Inner Spirit is the smaller 4.


Fostex FEE Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver

The boxes were clamped during the gluing process and the inside joints were sealed with additional glue. They could be the same though modified differently. Typically about 4 to 6 dB of attenuation is good.

Above is the floorstander that I built. When teamed with the 6T9 tube ampfor which they were intended, they really come into their own. Since it is shielded, it is a perfect choice for center channel in your home theater system! They all are assembled in Fe17e with locally produced cabinetry and carry a year warranty. Upload Pictures or Graphics optional [? Omer started with cables, “my labor of love” as he called them, plus the floor-standing Spirit speaker designed to be reasonably priced and very tube friendly”.

The three pairs of bookshelf speakers for audition are summarized in the following table.

Fostex FEE Full Range Speaker (pair) | eBay

Nevertheless, the drivers are much easier to distinguish. Unity Solid Link Series. The lower green line is the response with a baffle step compensation circuit of about 3dB.