Hello all. I have seen acouple of post on the fostex fa vs the fx but not between these three drivers. My wife wants a smaller driver. Fostex FA 5″ Full Range. mm (5 in) cone type full range; 8 ohm impedance; fo to 20kHz frequency response; 89dB sensitivity at 1W/1m (ft); kg. Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. We sell raw speaker drivers (tweeters, woofers.

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You wouldn’t know it was the same driver! I haven’t tried them in an OB.

I don’t know why this should be, but the highs stink on SS amps. The lower midrange is particularly rich, which makes the driver sound larger than it is.

Has anyone tried the Fostex Fa on an open baffle setup?

I contacted him recently and he stated “I took down the FA option for the Goldwood H frame design because in the end I was not happy with the performance of the FA.

I can’t see spending the money for them. Don’t know about OB application, but I have recently heard good things about the en Fostex driver that has recently come out. I have a f20a of Fa’s in Metronome quad.


Mark Audio Alpair7 and a pair of production prototype Alpair10 Gen2 hand made by Mr Taniguchi-san, the gentleman who was in charge of the Fostex driver manufacturing plant before the recent economic slump had Foster consolidating production Fosyex those FR drivers would be?

Has anyone tried the Fostex Fa on an open baffle setup?

Fostex F120A 5″ Full Range with Alnico magnet

I was about ready to dump the Fa’s until I experienced them on tubes. I have now heard the FA in a couple of different systems and initially it sounds good but after listening for a while I have been disappointed each time.

MJK brought over a tube amp. I really like the FA but it is an old design and FR drivers are getting better with each passing year.

Fostex F120A

But overall, I would not bother building any other speaker using the Fa. Martin J King, the designer of the system identified in my last ff120a, and here: Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience.

He listed it on the same webpage, but has removed it. In my opinion for the cost fistex performance is poor. JCS on 31 Aug Overall sound is very smooth.


I’ve a couple sets in my living room now that i think are better than the FA Logged roscoeiii Full Member Posts: The result is that last year I bought my first tubes since the ‘s. Logged Dracule1 Volunteer Posts: Logged planet10 Industry Participant Posts: I am now using a FEE in fosex Goldwood system and that sounds much better. Did you hear about it on the net?

Fostex FA Drivers For Sale includes shipping (SOLD) – Audio Asylum Trader

The FA’s are so coherent from top to bottom in a vented 15L enclosure. On tubes, foostex are wonderful. Regretted selling the little boxes. I’ve read good things about the FA in O.

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