A. M., Cannella, C., & Tomassi, G. (). Fondamenti di Nutrizione Umana. Roma: Il Pensiero Scientifico. Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Rome Brighenti F, Mariani-Costantini A, Cannella C, Tomassi G () Carboidrati e fibra. In: Fondamenti di nutrizione umana. Fondamenti di nutrizione umana (III Edizione) a cura di Lorenzo M. Donini, C. Cannella), dealing specifically with the study of nutritional problems in elderly.

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Synoptic food composition tables. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of nutrizionne anatomy, human physiology, chemistry and biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, human nutrition I. Assessment of changes in extra-celhtlar water and total body water using multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance. Assessment of body composition by bioelectrical impedance in children and young adults is strongly age-dependent. Dietherapy of obesity and undernutrition. Linee guida per una sana alimentazione italiana.

Effects of hydration and dehydration on body composition analysis: Practical techniques for the assessment of body composition in middle-aged and older adults. Gastroenterological diseases in geriatric age and their impact on nutrition and nutritional status. Are bioelectric impedance measurements valid in patients with cystic fibrosis?.


Predictive values of tetrapolar body impedance cannepla for hydration status in critically ill patients. Reliability for multiple frequency bioelectric impedance. Comparison of near-infrared light spectroscopy, bioelectrical impedance and tritiated water techniques for the measurement of fat-free mass in humans.

fondamnti Nombre de citations par an. A new method for monitoring body fluid variation by bioimpedance analysis: Estimation of body composition changes during weight cycling by bioelectrical impedance analysis in rats. Laurea Triennale in Dietistica. Legal responsibilities of the medical profession.

Lorenzo Maria Donini – Scialim – Scienza dell’Alimentazione

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Adresse e-mail pour l’envoi des notifications. Nutritional evaluation of hemodialysis patients using an impedance index.

Pelletta — Tecniche Nuove La cucina a basso indice glicemico — B. Fat-free mass estimation by the two-electrode impedance method.

Fa tfree mass in Japanese boys predicted from bioelectric impedance and anthropometric variables. Journal of the neurological sciences 2,